Save Your Wallet!

How’s your bank account doing? If it’s anything like mine, not so good.

Spending massive amounts of money has become an integral part of the college experience, which just leads to us stressing out. It’s possible to take care of yourself and give people birthday/wedding/baby shower gifts (EVERYONE I know is getting married!) while sticking to a budget, it’s just hard to know where to start. So I wanted to give some tips for keeping your wallet alive. Here we go.

1. I’m a bargain hunter, and you can be too. Just go to the sale rack — every store has one. Literally. You don’t need to spend $100 on a sweater for that sorority sister you don’t actually like, there’s one that looks just like it in clearance at Pac Sun. You’re supposed to take the pricetag off before giving anyway, so they’ll never know. I legitimately bought a pair of jeans at Pac Sun that were originally $40 for $1.50. A DOLLAR and FIFTY CENTS. So I got another pair for a friend of mine for Christmas, because why not?

2. FiveBelow is a wonderland. I’m really not kidding. They have so much cool, quirky, useful stuff, and since we’re all college students, and can figure it out ourselves, I don’t need to tell you how cheap it is. FiveBelow offers a huge selection for guys because they have tons of sports gear, both Ravens and O’s, along with some other teams (it kills this Maryland girl to say…) like the Yankees and Red Sox. DVDs, weights, posters, games, toys, nail polish, makeup, you name it, it’s probably at FiveBelow. You need a trash can? They’ve got it. Makeup? Yepp, that too. Just when you thought nothing could be cheaper than WalMart, it can be.

3. I’m a Groupon addict. It’s true. They offer so many different things for cheap. You can get a massage, a facial, a monogrammed necklace, an NFL snuggie, and even a week-long European getaway for seriously slashed prices. Dinners, date nights, phone cases, everything. Groupon can save you big bucks on anything you may need. This works for presents too; most Groupons have gift options. I highly recommend joining Groupon. Why? They offer some of the coolest deals ever. That’s why.

— Paige Whipple

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