5 Reasons to Attend the CAA Tournament in Baltimore

CAA1Madness is in the air, folks! With March on its way in, there’s only one thing on the minds of sports fans: college basketball. With just three wins next weekend at First Mariner Arena (March 7-10), Towson’s men’s team will have made it out of the CAA and onto your March Madness bracket!

This weekend, experience a change of scenery– head to B-More and back on TU’s dime.  Let’s pack the house and flood the arena in a sea of black and gold!  CAA, #HearUsRoar!

Here are 5 reasons for YOU to come and see the action live:

***To get tickets, email: sga@towson.edu**


1. Cheap and Convenient

Okay, guys, so Towson is making this REALLY easy on you by offering a CAA package. For just $5 you can not only get a ticket to each tournament game, but TU is providing you with a bus to and from!  If you choose to purchase the package with your credit card, you don’t have to worry about trying to get a ticket. If we win, your ticket will automatically be purchased for you and you still get a ride to and from the arena!  Each game will be $5, with the potential of three games. Who wouldn’t pay $15 to see Towson win the CAA Tournament?!?


2. We’re Probably Going to Win…

Let’s face it: as a #2 seed in the tournament, the odds of us moving on are VERY strong. Our biggest threat will be first seeded Delaware, who we just recently beat by 15 points! And besides… winning the tournament means storming the court. And that is what college is all about!  Cross that off the old bucket list.


3. Free T-Shirt

The $5-$15 you spend on the game(s) and the bus ride(s) also includes an exclusive Towson 2014 CAA Tournament T-shirt. Aside from storming the court, another top college perk is FREE SCHOOL SWAG!


4. It’s Only in Baltimore, Ya Dingus!

I can understand those of you who didn’t want to make the 20+ hour bus trek to Frisco, Texas to watch our football team play in the championship. But guys, this tournament is literally in our backyard with a 30 MINUTE bus ride. You have no excuses…


5. Be a Part of History. Duh.

The last time Towson was in the NCAA Tournament was 1991. Also in 1991 there was still a Soviet Union, Nirvana was in its prime, and the Buffalo Bills were in the Super Bowl. Yikes! This is our year so I’m letting you know in advance that missing this tournament will be missing out on a weekend of college-defining memories!!!

Contact the SGA at sga@towson.edu 410-704-2711 with any questions.

-Mike T.

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