American Eagle and Aerie Making Game Changing Moves

So for those of you who don’t know, American Eagle (and Aerie) have started a campaign where they don’t Photoshop or edit any photos of their models. Every photo is of a real person, who looks real rather than having a bunch of models that look like prepubescent girls trying on bras for fun (sorry did I say that?)

This is just one company joining the fight against fake skinny people. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about it. I absolutely hate walking into a store and seeing a bunch of posters of models that look like they’ve never eaten a hamburger. Like please, I love hamburgers. With cheese and anything else you wanna put on it.Sorry society, but I would rather look like the women on the left than look like the woman on the right any day.


Dove is also doing this, as I’m sure you’ve noticed their Dove Real Beauty campaign. It’s all about real people using dove to get great, healthy skin that’s not edited or Photoshopped. The people in their ads and commercials look like real people. You certainly won’t see any ribs in a Dove commercial. Thank God.

Since the average woman in America is 5’ 4’’ and 166lbs according to data by Livestrong, these Photoshopped women that are all over posters, billboards, ads, commercials, and magazines are not only like the worst false portrayal of American women ever, but they also make the majority of readers and viewers of these edited models feel pretty crappy about themselves. Tons of universities and companies have done research on this stuff.

aerie-hed-new-2014Finally, real beauty is being recognized and being healthy is starting to become more important than being super skinny. With every Youtube video like this one, one more company figures out that people will love their product more if they see people like them wearing it or using it or eating it. So thanks to companies like Dove, American Eagle, Yoplait, and Seventeen Magazine for leading the world in the idea that you don’t have to look like a 12-year-old girl to feel beautiful. How do you feel about it?

— Lexy Wright

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