HOW TO: Creating Terrance West on Madden 25

Terrance West is going to the NFL! Having recently announced his intentions to skip his senior season to enter the draft, our very own T-West seems to have everything going his way. He was just invited to the NFL Scouting Combine and now analysts have him ranked as high as the 3rd best running coming out of college! If you guys are anything like me, you’re grabbing a ‘West’ jersey as soon as his name is called this May. But for now we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: video games. Here is my guide to creating Terrance West on Madden 25.

1. Get Into the Mode


To get to MyPlayer Mode click on Connected Franchise –> Create Offline –> Create a Player

2. Choose His Skillset


T-West has such a diverse skillset that I didn’t think it would be fair to label him as just a ‘Power Back’ or just a ‘Speed Back’. The guy really does have it all, so with that in mind I found it only appropriate to create him as a ‘Balanced HB’ (Don’t believe me? Watch here!)

3. Decide on his Backstory


This was another tough call for me; especially since Madden does not give you the option to be a mid-round pick. While, yes, Terrance could well go in the early rounds, I figured ‘He’s overcome so much adversity already so why not make him a late round pick?’

4. Choose a Team


This is one of the hardest parts when creating a player. In my opinion, I decided it would be best to put T-West on a team with weak running backs, giving him the best chance to start. Some worthy options here include the Saints, Cardinals, Dolphins, Colts, or Browns. Here, I chose to put him alongside Geno on the New York Jets!

4. Get His Info Together


First off, SMH at Madden for still having our school in the system as ‘Towson State’…. But other than  that, make sure you make him #28, right handed, and 23 years old.

5. Body Size


Now we want to get him looking EXACTLY like the guy we’ve watched play every Saturday for the past three years! T-West is 5’11 and weighs 223 pounds. I also made sure to keep his chest and arm size on the high side to demonstrate his stocky build.

6. Equipment


West doesn’t typically wear anything too flashy. I chose to give him a normal 3-bar Revolution helmet to go along with his signature eye black. For a bonus, add on white tape on both wrists.

7. Finalize Your Game Settings

IMG_2788Most of this is up to your preference and how you like to play. However, if you REALLY want to make sure Mr. West is starting, switch the first option- Instant Starter- to say YES.

8. Start the Franchise

IMG_2789 IMG_2791

You’re just about ready to get onto the field and into the end zone! But first, make sure you have all your gameplay settings and depth charts juuust how you want them.



The moment we’ve all been waiting for! From Towson to the NFL, T-West is ready to start running fools over!!

-Mike T.

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  1. As a Blue Hen Alum, I’m not Towson’s biggest fan in sports, but love to see some CAA bloggers. And who doesn’t live Madden?!?!? Hope to see your guy on the football field this season!

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