The Top 10 Things You’re Afraid Of If You Live In Towson

1.  Towson internet going out when you have a Blackboard quiz

tumblr_m50f16i02y1rnvlqyWe’ve all been there at 11:52pm with TU secure

2. The pizza man with glasses at the den

tumblr_m3mmvd9HjB1r271xeI’ll take two slices of cheese and if I don’t get glared at like I’m the fiery pits of hell that would be swell.

3. The Constant threat of construction hitting you

Run-away-screamingDoes no one else think it’s dangerous to casually have a crane carrying a ton of cement ten feet away from your head? Am I the only one that run-walks past construction around here?

4. The Pasta Line being too long at Ptux

liz-lemon-foodLet’s be honest, the grump in you comes out when that line is just too long and you are just too hungry.

5. Seeing the one person out of 25,000 that you never want to see

tumblr_m57ojsR1rO1rvfy6do1_500Seriously though what are the odds that out of 25,000 students you constantly run into the one you never want to see. Small town feel never fails here at Towson!

6. Getting stuck in one of the residence halls elevators

tumblr_lq2gaekx2n1qht847If you haven’t gotten stuck at least once, you’ve probably never lived on-campus for more than a week.  If you have been stuck, you’ve probably gotten trapped multiple times.  Good news is you’re probably all like “bring it on elevator” when it does break.

7. Running into President Loeschke after a night out

glee_hungoverOh sure President Loeschke, just wander around the Union on a Wednesday morning and give us all hugs after it was Two-for-Tuesday at the Turtle last night.  We don’t smell like anything…

8. Slipping on the Glen Bridge

tumblr_lt8qx3Jjd01qhe2exEver since Towson turned into Alaska, there is just no possible way to not slip on the bridge or anywhere on-campus really.

9. Getting hit by a car on Cross Campus Drive

tumblr_mr1e2jbUdx1riu06po1_400It’s like that cross walk was built as a bulls eye for cars.

10.  Going to an event and the free food is gone

tumblr_mkjzpkxwiM1rynk4uo4_250There is no greater disappointment or reason to freak out at Towson.


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