I go to the gym regularly enough to hate the gym. This is why.

The start of semester gym expectations. Everyone and their mother is going to get fit this semester. In other words, for the next few weeks the gym will be packed with a load of people who worry more about how their butt looks in their yoga pants. Stop Instagraming yourself.


The first floor belongs to the guys. The second floor belongs to the girls. Have you noticed this? I noticed. And obviously, the first row of ellipticals is more like the front row seat to the hot guy show.

tumblr_mw4skx1wBD1sm2uwho1_400I may or may not be guilty of doing this, but only once. …Twice.

The Towson Gym Rush Hour. Anytime between 4 and 7 PM, every piece of equipment is taken and the stairs to the second floor are backed up like 695 at 4 on a Friday. I have better things to do than wait in this line. Like eating.


The girls who are legit at the gym because they’re doing a triathlon in March. They’re running like the wind and they look like this:378794_1267995143967_454_300

And I’m running next to them like:

tumblr_mwy07sKsXO1s02vreo1_400                               It’s cool.

Thank God for Pinterest 30 day work out at home tutorials. Or else I wouldn’t be doing anything ever.



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