Valentine’s Day for Cheap!

Alright all you bargain-hunting guys and gals. I’ve got your back for one of the most expensive days of the year: Valentine’s Day.

If you’re doing the whole limousine pickup, black tie apparel, and five star dinner, good for you! You must not be paying for the same college that I’m paying for. Or, you’re proposing (in which case, congratulations). For everyone else that’s in my boat, (my boyfriend and I are doing DIY gifts to save money this year) I found and created some clever and cheap Valentine’s Day dates. Let’s start, shall we?

What I order at Gino’s. Anyone else just get seriously hungry?

1. Try a local, Mom & Pop restaurant. Almost without fail they offer delicious food and friendlier service than corporate restaurants. Although Gino’s is also a larger chain, they’re locally based and have been in Towson for decades. (My dad went there when he was a kid). They’re also bringing out the charm this V-day. If you go to dinner there, make sure to get your lady flowers before: because she’ll get a rose from Gino’s. You can’t have a restaurant upstaging you. Seriously, that’s embarrassing. And if you go to Gino’s…get a milkshake. I recommend Peanut Butter and Brownie Batter. You won’t regret it!

2. McDonalds. You die-hard romantics out there, don’t kill me. All I’m saying is: you can get 20 chicken nuggets for $5. So you can use the extra cash you saved on dinner to do something cute. Candles, a picnic blanket, (on the floor, somewhere inside!) a rom-com, and one heck of a chocolate dessert are all options to add to it.

McDonald is always there when we need him

3. Lunch. If you want to go out to a fancy restaurant, go for lunch instead of dinner. Lunch menus are cheaper, and it won’t be a circus. Olive Garden is a great place to get lunch. Free salad and breadsticks with lunch options starting at $7. Bargain! Another great place for lunch, if you want to do something more upscale, is Fogo de Chao. Lunch is only $34.50 a person, rather than the $51.50 you’d fork over for dinner.

Black Tie Mousse Cake at Olive Garden is every girls Valentine’s Day dream.

4. Qdoba. If you haven’t heard about this deal, you’ve been living under a rock. Basically, if you go to Qdoba on V-day and give your special someone a smooch, you get a free burrito. Heck, even if you’re single, grab a stranger and kiss ’em! For a free burrito, I don’t see why not.

I hope you all have a wonderful, fantastic Valentine’s Day. And if you’re one of those people complaining because you’re single, shut up. Everyone has been single at some point in their lives and you’re saving tons of money by not having to buy someone crap all the time, but especially Valentine’s Day. So quit whining, everyone hates it.

On a more cheery note….the Gino’s milkshake. 🙂

— Paige Whipple

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