Pretty much everyone I know builds their class schedule around the trustworthy words of Rate My Professor. But there’s always the occasional class that you NEED, and that professor’s name isn’t registered in RMP. What do we do?

     Complain. Who doesn’t have a profile on RMP? Every professor ever is on RMP. Every good professor at least. Lamesauce.       WHY-NO-WORK

     Be double sure you have to take this class to graduate. Then be double sure you can’t take any of the other sections. When you’re double sure, you react like this:


      Complain (again.) When your roommate tells you it’s not that big of a deal and just take the class, we’re not afraid to get verbally hostile.


   When it doubt, GOOGLE! This professor has got to be on the internet somewhere.


 Google sucks, it’s worthless. No one cares that Google found answers in .33 seconds if none of the answers are helpful.


Sign up for the class anyway, because you need it, even though you know nothing about this professor and he’s probably horrible.


Before class Optimism. Just because the professor didn’t have a rating doesn’t mean he’s automatically a bad teacher. It’ll probably be an awesome class!


It’s not an awesome class, and you spend the entire semester like this:


   Save countless lives from enduring the same torture by creating said professor a new RMP Profile.


That’s what we do.

                                    — Lexy Wright

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