We’re Giving Away 2 Kanye Tickets, $400 in Gift Cards, a TV and more.

With all us students back at school, Towson is back at it too- throwing amazing events. Student Activities, Campus Life, SGA, Campus Rec  and so many more departments stepped up to sponsor the first big kickoff event, TU After Hours. TU After Hours promises to be the best, the craziest, the most amazing event of the semester, (maybe even the year!) and we want you to be there! In my first blog of the semester (it’s good to be back) I’m going to try and pinpoint the 4 things I’m most looking forward to about TU After Hours

  1. Brand New Qdoba- as in no one has ever tried it before. Yes, I’m totally serious. We’re having a Qdoba queso-tasting station of THREE new flavors. The best part? The flavors won’t be released nation-wide until the next day, making TU- and YOU- the first official taste test in the country. If that’s not enough Mexican food for ya, you can hop in line for the Qdoba guacamole making bar. Amazing! Delicious. Yepp.Image
  2. Guy Fieri fans, unite! Although I am not coordinated, clever, or any of the things it takes to win, I am all about trying. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Minute to Win It games! If you’re one of those people that sits on the couch thinking “man, I could really win this show!” then now is your chance. Get up there, stack those ping pong balls, unwrap that toilet paper roll….yeah, I don’t really know what the games are but I think it’s something like that.
  3. Photo booths. I’m that girl at weddings (and prom, back in the day) that everyone hates because she’s constantly pulling a new set of people into the photo booth. I love pictures because they tell such a story. When we’re old and gray, we can pull out these images (or pull them up on Facebook if we still know how to work computers) and remember the good old days, when we were young and beautiful and our hair wasn’t gray or completely gone.
  4. Are we on a cruise or what? You may as well have boarded a Carnival cruise ship, because TU After Hours has everyImage possible entertainment option I would imagine a cruise ship would offer. (I’ve never been on a cruise, though, correct me if I’m wrong.) These attractions include magic and comedy dessert theater, casino tables, and carnival games. Hello, people! If you haven’t found something by now that you’re dying to do or see, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m pretty darn pumped about the casino tables! I was an avid fan of Oceans 11, and I’ve always imagined that one day I’ll be in a casino, and George Clooney will walk over and chat with me. Just let me hold onto my dreams.

If I didn’t convince you to come out with those things, there’s just no helping you. But I’ll just list a few more things to top it off: you can win a ton of cool prizes:

Apple TV

HD Kindle Fire

32” HDTV

BOSE Headphones

BEATS Headphones

2 Tickets to Kanye West Concert

Two $100 Gift Cards to Towsontown Center

Four $50 Gift Cards to Towsontown Center

10 free Entrees to Noodles & Co.

ImageThat is AMAZING! After that, you can rock out to karaoke (Katy Perry is a personal fave of mine), play bingo, and enjoy an exotic animal show. Fancy! Guys, this is going to be a great event and we really don’t want you to miss it. Hope to see you there!

Also, here’s a sneak peek video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfanOgbHo1A

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