Haunted Houses Obsession

haunted house

What is it that most human beings find so funny about watching other human beings get the bejeezus scared out of them?  It’s really a cruel pattern, but it’s probably my favorite thing in the world.


I’ve always loved scaring people- but I hate being scared. (Ironic, right?) This love for jumping out of closets and pulling pranks just to see peoples reaction was solidified thanks to another love of mine: Ellen. I love Ellen, watch her all the time, quote her standup routines, and want to buy her underwear. (Buy it from her, not buy it for her, obviously.)

One day I was watching her show, and one of her writers goes through a haunted house for Halloween. Terrified doesn’t even begin to cover her reaction to it. She screams, she runs, she nearly cries. And it is so darn funny that I can hardly control myself every time I watch it. Check the clip out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAWVbJ2r9SEImage

Ellen also ends up sending Amy through haunted houses with her mother, which is so funny, it could kill a person. Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1VAC5bFN-E

She also goes in with an audience member, who refuses to drop her purse. Again, hilarious. But the most hilarious is coming up, so just hang with me here.

The funniest, the best, the ultimate video is Amy going through the haunted house (it’s Walking Dead themed, to add to the pure fear) with Andy, a producer for the show. BUT WAIT, it gets better. There are TWO videos. No, I’m not even kidding. In the first one, the haunted house, Andy is so scared of the people popping out at him that he literally hides behind a girl. I personally recommend watching it twice: once watching Andy, and once watching Amy. Amy screams and flinches at things that aren’t even there, and Andy is terrified of the things that are there. Watch and enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXZ6K21wvZMImage

The second one, the haunted ship, may be even funnier than the Walking Dead maze. Andy doesn’t hide behind Amy this time, but she’s more hilarious than ever. My favorite line? “It’s mimes! It’s mimes! Oh my god, we’re being attacked by mimes!” One of the characters says her name, and she totally flips. Guys, I’m so serious, it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. My roommate/best friend and I watch it every night before we go to bed. Actually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RLTanW1DGo (PS- Ellen totally rocks Nicki Minaj, doesn’t she?!)

So to sum up, I am basically totally obsessed with Amy and Andy. They’e both hilarious on Twitter, too, you should follow them- @iamamyrhodes and @andylassner. Enjoy the videos, pics, and clips!

By Paige Whipple

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