Your Fantasy Football Season: Told by Eli Manning

As most NFL fans, one of my biggest obsessions this time year is fantasy football. A lot of people think it’s nerdy or unmanly, but please… tell me what’s so lame about ten grown men living vicariously through million-dollar athletes and earning points just to feel dominant over one another… Well anyway, there can only be one fantasy winner in your league, meaning 90% of the population is LOSERS! Here’s a portrayal of these underachievers, as told by Eli Manning memes.

Draft Day 

The team you’ve assembled looks GREAT! After selecting players like Doug Martin and Ray Rice, you’ve already started calling out your Week 1 opponent.


You’ve Even Picked a Totally Sick Team Name Dissing One of Your Friends In the League

Mrs. Yates’ Muffins, FTW!


A Week 1 Victory Has Your Confidence Cockiness at an All-Time High


However, After Averaging 120 Points Over the Next 6 Weeks Your Record is 2-5


And Even Though You Have the Most Total Points You Miss the Playoffs With a 6-7 Record

Eli 6

Even Worse You Didn’t Do Bad Enough to Get a Good Draft Pick


Although You Did Finish 2 Games Ahead of the Most Annoying Dude in Your League

And sometimes that’s all that matters…



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