Tigers on Tour: Batty British Cinema, Vol. 4

Hi all! I’m still here in Sunderland, England and believe it or not I am STILL finding some really weird culturalCaptain-Phillips patterns over here. Just last week I visited the local movie theater to see Captain Phillips (GREAT FILM, by the way) and noticed some very peculiar differences in comparison to American theaters. So instead of doing a Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird  this week, I bring you 5 surprising differences between British and American movie theaters!

1. Assigned Seats

That’s right! In British movie theaters you DO NOT get to sit wherever you want. I mean, you can tell the ticket vendor if you prefer the front or back, but ultimately, all viewers are given specific seats they must sit in to keep order! So no more stretching out to save seats while three of your friends run to get popcorn! Those babies are reserved 🙂

2. Bottoms Uptheater bar

You guys might not be aware of this but Europeans LOVE them some alcohol. So while, yes it was surprising, I was not in disbelief when I found out that not only do their movie theaters SELL the spirits, but they actually have an upstairs area with an ACTUAL BAR!

3. Ben, Jerry, and The Rest

Tired of paying way too much at theaters for your popcorn, pretzel bites, and candy? Well here in England you get to pay way too much for something better… ICE CREAM! In movie theaters over here, they have legitimate ice cream scoop stations set up where you can enjoy your film with a few spoonfulls of heaven!

4. Advertisements, Schmadvertisements movie-theater

One of the worst part of American movie theaters is booking a 7:00 show, only to wait through thirty minutes of advertisements until your actual movie begins! In my experience, I showed up for my 4:30 movie and started watching my film at 4:45. There were two or three random ads, and then three or four previews… which aren’t even that bad!

5.  Copycats

Yeah, I know the Brits gave us the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but do they really have to take ALL of our movies?! In the theater I went to, literally all of the available films were from the US, ranging from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 to We’re the Millers… Oh also the movies are a little late, like Gravity is still in the previews!


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