Finals don’t control you! Relieve finals stress

Of course it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately for college students we have to live through finals before we can really enjoy the holidays. I know my Thanksgiving break wasn’t long enough, and my procrastination is becoming a challenging art form, but this weekend I know I have to get it in gear because next week is finals week people. You know what that means.

1)      The longest line you’ve ever seen at the Starbucks in the Library eversleeping-in-library-12

2)      24 hour library times

3)      Temporary deactivation of countless Facebook accounts

4)      Students staking their claim on the spot in the library and never leaving. ever.

5)      And if you’re me, the inevitable laptop crash or internet virus.

The most wonderful time of the year!

I don’t have to tell you that this time is super stressful, we all know that. But it might be helpful for everyone to know a few ways to reduce stress.

1)      Don’t go buy a stress ball. Go buy some chocolate. Harry Potter fans out there know what I’m talking about. It’s scientifically proven that dark chocolate helps reduce stress, among other awesome qualities. There you go, now you have the perfect excuse to eat

2)      Count to ten slowly. I do this all the time. I don’t know about you but when I’m really stressed I snap at the people I love, and that makes me even more stressed. When you feel yourself getting tumblr_mqncpfyLmW1sqhiuzo1_400irritated about something stupid, count to ten before you say anything. It’s saved me from a lot of fights about nothing. Don’t pull an Edna Mode, guys. Don’t do it. Pull yourself together before you hit someone you love with a rolled up newspaper.

3)      Laugh. Laughing releases stress reducing endorphins, so take some time and watch a funny movie, or if you don’t have that much time, look up a really funny Youtube video or look at this. Over and over again. You’ll laugh, guaranteed.

4)      Kiss somebody! This sounds funny but apparently it’s scientifically proven that kissing eases stress hormones. And now is the perfect time to be kissing someone. Get some mistletoe and just hold it over your head all the time. By the end of the day you’ll have no stress at all! Just kidding. Kind of.TricycleKid8f

5)       Chew Gum. It sounds weird, but the constant motion is said to relieve stress and also help you focus. There are only 100 different types of gum. Find your favorite and chew for finals!

6)      If kissing relieves stress, then of course sex relieves stress too. The act of sex actually helps your body physically relieve stress and make you feel better. Of course I’m just going to assume that every reader is either abstinent or having safe sex. If it’s not safe, then I doubt it’s going to reduce that much stress, so wrap it then tap it everyone.


Obviously there are more ways to relieve stress than this, but for students I felt that these would be the most helpful. Feel free to comment on this blog with any stress relievers that help you! I’m sure we all need as many as we can get.

— Lexy Wright

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