4 Google Chrome Apps for Finals Season

Being that all of you reading are college-educated, it’s implied that we don’t need to have the discussion about the superiority of Chrome to it’s browser brothers and sisters (more like grandparents, AMIRIGHT?). While, yes, it’s true that most college students do choose to roll with Chrome, it’s apparent that many are unaware of some of Chrome’s best apps and extensions. With finals season among us, I’ve made a list of 4 apps and extensions to guarantee you the perfect study atmosphere!



I owe my life to StayFocusd…. and by “life” I mean GPA! With social networks, today’s college students are especially prone to death-by-procrastination and StayFocusd does it’s best to eliminate these temptations by blocking distracting pages. It’s quite simple as users simply enter in the sites they want blocked, and tell the app how long they’d like these sites to be blocked for. So attempting to access your Facebook during a StayFocusd session will bring you to an aggressive page with the message: “Shouldn’t you be working?”



According to a study I made up for this blog, way too few students take advantage of the easy accessibility of online thesauruses (or thesauri, I don’t know). Students want to sound smart when writing papers but they also don’t want to take the time to type in “thesaurus.com” every time they need help. Easy solution: get the app!

White Noise


Hate studying in silence but can’t concentrate to your favorite music? No? Wow yikes. Well if there’s just one person here who can relate to me but’s just too shy to raise their hand, I think I’ve done my job! Seriously, you get the noise without the distraction… think about it.



Wunderlist is another one of those apps that I use to keep my life together (also available for iPhones). If you’re a list person like me, this is your app! You’re able to make separate lists (School, Work, Groceries, etc.) as well as list your tasks in order of priority, putting a deadline on each one with reminders to keep you in line. If you’ve got a hectic finals week, this just might be your app.


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