Tea Time!

There are lots of benefits to drinking tea, and on my list, they all conveniently start with a “C”. Let’s just jump right in and get started with the list:091312-10004-teatimekatyperry-1200x630

1. Coffee. << I don’t drink that nasty, nasty, black junk. So if I want to get a healthy pick-me-up on rough mornings instead of chugging a Mountain Dew, tea is my go-to drink. It has about half the caffeine as a cup of coffee, which works out perfectly for me, because I am extremely sensitive to caffeine. Tea has just enough to wake me up in the morning without making me bounce off the walls of Liberal Arts.

2. Calorie Crusher. That caffeine in tea can be super beneficial to our daily workout. I read an article in SELF that said drinking caffeine 30-45 minutes before a workout can help you work at a higher intensity for a longer period of time. I decided to try it out the other day, so I drank a cup of tea about 40 minutes before I hit the gym. And what do ya know, I ended up burning 750 calories on the elliptical, and I could have gone longer if I wasn’t pressed for time. I usually only do about a half hour on the elliptical, which I doubled the day I drank the tea. That’s enough correlation for me!

3. Cozy. Drinking tea by the fake fireplace I put on my TV screen and dong homework or reading a book is practically a scene from a movie. It’s a great winter drink (there are SO many varieties) instead of coffee or hot chocolate, which load up the calories and end up making you (at least me) feel a little yucky. The Lipton tea that I drink is calorie free, and leaves me feeling like I’m actually putting good stuff in my body, instead of junk. After a day of playing in the snow, if you’re not feeling the hot cocoa or coffee, cozy up with some tea.

4. Calm. Tea has been proven to calm nerves and help decrease stress. Readers Digest conducted a study that showed “drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks lowered the stress hormone cortisol after a stressful event.” With finals quickly approaching, I will take any stress relief that’s thrown my way. There are certain teas that are supposed to have a calming effect, so check them out for your pre-exam meltdown prevention.

5. Cheap! Tea is way cheaper than coffee, especially at Starbucks. While a cup of whatever coffee you get can cost up to $4, a cup of tea is less than $2. It’s also cheap at the grocery store, with a 100 pack of teabags ringing in at under $5. I’m a college kid on a budget, and I can’t afford $4 a day to stay alive in class.

— Paige

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