How I Feel About Towson As Explained by Anchor Man

When the line at Ptux is suddenly overwhelming long Boy-That-Escalated-Quickly-Anchorman

When girls at Towson wear see through leggingstumblr_lyvvpq55Ln1qzkbk1o1_500

When I go Uptown on a Thursday night the day before a Friday examgiphy

When people are yelling outside your window at 3amanchorman-0

When you get an A/B on an exam that you procrastinated studying for60-Percent-Of-The-Time-It-Works-Everytime-Anchorman-Gif

When it’s finally Fridayindex

When I for once don’t wear sweatpants to classtumblr_m8wvhere851roxtbm

When TUPD tells me the suspect has fled the area and the scene is safe

When people ask you if you know someone and you dotumblr_lyr05rY4I61rof9x3o2_500

When I try to ask my Towson crush to watch a movie with me on a Friday Nighttumblr_m587giRb4Q1qcb58yo1_500

What I want to do when people walk slow to classbrick-killed-a-guy-with-a-trident

When I hear there’s free food in the Uniontumblr_inline_mtc0boHlrf1r3gb8t

When people ask me how much I love Towsonanchorman-teamjump

When I see people wearing another school’s sweatshirtanchorman-toiletstore

Stay Classy Towson


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