3 Essential Nintendo 64 Games for College Kids


Sure, Xbox is cool. PS3 is alright… I guess. Terrorizing an entire city in Grand Theft Auto or dropping 30 on your friend in 2K can be fun for a while, but who remembers the good ol’ days where, your biggest concern was having one of your buddies take you out with a vicious red turtle shell just inches away from the finish line at Bowser’s Castle? I was so close to that beautiful “Star Cup” trophy until it was unfairly ripped away from me!

…Let’s get back on track here. If you haven’t already realized, I’m talking about the classic game Mario Kart 64. One thing you need to understand about college is everything that was cool to you when you were 8 is probably even cooler when you’re 20. That’s just how nostalgia works. The music, the cartoons, the movies, and most importantly the video games from our childhood are even more awesome now than they were in the 90’s.

On that note put down that 360 controller and let’s check out 3 essential Nintendo 64 games that every college kid should still routinely play.

bondGoldenEye 007/ 007 The World is Not Enough

If you owned a Nintendo when you were younger chances are you spent an unhealthy amount of time playing one of these two James Bond games. These gems are the epitome of video game addiction.

The “Deathmatch” and “Capture the Flag” modes are perfect for battling your friends and don’t be surprised if you still know your way around all of the maps.

Mario Kart 64kart64

Possibly the most recognizable and universally loved video game ever, Mario Kart 64 still is as amazing today as it was when it first debuted on the 64 back in 1997. For 16 years now we’ve been racing our friends through a variety of fantastical courses, all the while praying for a precious star to appear out of one of those mystery boxes.

Due yourself a favor and grab a Nintendo and a copy of Mario Kart off Ebay, the endless hours of fun you will have with your roommates will make it all worth it.

smashSuper Smash Bros.

What even needs to be said? Super Smash Bros is the apex of video gaming. The concept is simple: knock your friends off the map and be the last one standing. However, in the thick of battle, things are never that easy. The plethora of characters and endless list of battle items and power-ups make every match in Smash Bros feel like a fresh experience.

What distinguishes Super Smash Bros from other classic 64 games is the skill it takes to master the game. Sure, you can just pop in the game and pick it up fairly quickly, but to become a true Smash Brother you need practice, experience, and the occasional academic laziness. The perfect combination for any college student.

-Ron Miller

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