The 10 Questions You Will Be Asked On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is rapidly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the idea of a whole gravy boat waiting for you to slather all over your plate is driving you crazy! But we all know that the holidays typically mean family time and if your family is anything like mine, all you get are questions after questions about your personal life.  So, here are the top ten questions we all dread hearing from our various relatives while we stuff our faces like little chipmunks on Thanksgiving.

1.  Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?- said your aunt, but really she’s asking for your mother…

anigif_enhanced-buzz-24198-1382405513-11No, I do not.  Thank you for bringing up those emotions by asking this question five times throughout the day.  I told you a million times that I am too busy for one of those right now!

2. Are you at least dating anyone?said Mom for the follow up!

tumblr_inline_mv1x2zUVti1ro0zrpNo, I wasn’t even aware that dating in college was a thing… is it?

3.  Why do you know how to make all these drinks?said your sibling, who is trying to be a smartbutt

anigif_enhanced-buzz-9282-1381871742-9Thank you for asking that, right in front of Dad– love you too, sis.

4.  Have any single friends for me?said your fellow single cousin.

tumblr_mbel6nN0vz1r4ghkoo1_250No, sorry cuzzo, I don’t because I’m the only one that is single. Token single friend for life!

5. Did you gain weight?said your drunk uncle.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-32414-1384808756-18Yes, I did but who cares?! Weren’t you the one that told me I needed to gain weight anyway?!

6. You’re getting all A’s, right?said your father.

tumblr_m6ozc3bjyS1r4ghkoo1_250Hysterical question, Dad! If you’re not sure what to say to this one, the answer is ALWAYS “yes!”

7.  You don’t go out to those speakeasies without any of your clothes on, right?said your grandpa and/or oldest person in the room.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-1935-1383234647-35No grandpa, I don’t.  But if I did, it would be called “going out to the club.”

8.  Do you know how lucky you are?  Back in my day papers were done on typewriters! said your drunk uncle again.

tumblr_mch66khdzF1qjf6ruo1_500Yes, drunk uncle, I understand– technology is awesome.

9.  I saw your pictures on Facebook.  Who is that boy/girl you were with and where were you?SAID EVERY FAMILY MEMBER. 

tumblr_m1szxqLhyN1r4ghkoo1_500It’s like they stalk your Facebook right before walking in the door.  You say, “They’re just a friend!” But I guess it’s your own fault for not adjusting your privacy settings.

10.  How do you like Towson?said the one random person that you don’t know that shows up.

tumblr_ltmzaunxGp1r4ghkoo1_400To which you get extremely excited and respond with how much you love being in college! And you secretly wish, only a little bit, that you were in Towson now instead of at home….

May the odds be ever in your favor and happy Thanksgiving!



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