Towson Students In November

As a student at Towson University, I tend to have a love-hate relationship with November. Basically, November is the month when everyone is stressed and cold but also excited but also worried but also glad for pumpkin spice lattes. Somehow in this month we figure out a way to be all of these things at once and still be sane enough to function during class. Here’s why this happens specifically at Towson:

1)      Because all of a sudden it’s frickin’ cold all the time. ALL THE TIME. What makes this worse? You know it. The wind.I_Like_To_Dress_Like_an_Eskimo_by_SunkissedSuicide Towson University has somehow created the biggest wind tunnel of all time. It spans the entire campus, keeping students freezing since 1866. Why would you want to walk to class in that? You don’t, but you do anyway because even though we’re in college, Towson professors still take attendance. So to protect yourself you end up having to dress like this:

I do this all the time and my mom always tells me I look funny, but you know what mom? I’M WARM.

2)      November is the month when every single teacher decides there are only two options. Either everything is due the day before Thanksgiving, or everything is due the day you come back from Thanksgiving. The best part? They all somehow seem to decide on one or the other together, so that every class you have has something or multiple things due on the same day, always around Thanksgiving. I feel that this proves they’re in cahoots.lets-schedule-all-exams-in-one-week

So this creates one of two situations for students. Either you sit down and you plan everything and you look at your planner 5d7cbf2a95d73738fac658ade7d56ff6every day until you go absolutely crazy. Or you wait until the very last minute to do everything and bang out an eight page essay in like three hours, and then you do well on it because you’re a Towson student. It’s what we do. Either way, having them all due at once, right around Thanksgiving is annoying and if you ask me, unnecessary.

3)      It’s almost Christmas! This means that you either have to rely on TU Secure so you can buy presents online, or you have to spend 45 minutes at the Towsontown Center trying to find parking. First of all, TU Secure is really annoying. Most of the time it works but other times you go to get on and it doesn’t work and you’re like:35604096 And then you have to do a bunch of different things, press 170000 keys to finally get it working, and you have no idea how you did it. Then you can buy gifts. By now, it’s 2 AM and you want bed.

                Or, you go to the mall. First of all, those parking garages. You could get lost and die a slow and painful death in there. Or you could hit a car, or get hit because those lanes that are somehow supposed to fit two cars with enough room to go past each other comfortably, really only fit one car that’s compact. If somehow you are able to navigate the garage mazes, you then have to find a spot. Unless you go at 10AM on a Wednesday, this task is pretty equivalent to Mission Impossible.

4)      November= Thanksgiving which is awesome! Except Thanksgiving= two weeks before finals. Even though you just finished seven essays, and fourhunger-games-exams-meme unit exams, get ready to do it again! Now you have 5 exams, two portfolios, three essays, two final projects and (if you’re an English major) a reenactment of one scene from a Shakespearean Tragedy. That’s not stressful at all.

Even though those things kind of suck, we love our school anyway, and I’m pretty sure everyone loves Thanksgiving break. Enjoy November, stay warm, eats lots of Thanksgiving food and bang out those papers like it’s your job. Don’t worry, the semester is almost over!!

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