The Millennial Generation: Are We Impressive or Lazy?

As current students, the vast majority of us are between ages 18-24. If you are within that age bracket, congratulations! You are a Millennial Generation kid. (Wanna make sure your a Millennial? Take this quiz!) Basically, that’s anyone born between 1982 and 2000. As you might already be aware, a lot of things have been said about our generation. When you look up “Millennial Generation is…” on Google, the first things that pop up are “lazy, screwed, and spoiled.” However with any generation, there are good and bad traits. So naturally we have to discuss both.

millennialsWe’re very tech savvy. We know our way around a computer, laptop, tablet and Smartphone, and this both helps us and hurts us. On one side, it makes us more desirable for a lot of companies because we understand modern technology and it’s generally easier to teach people about specific company programs when those people are already able to use modern programs and technologies. On the other hand, we’re so tech savvy that we can’t put our devices down. Ever. We constantly need to be connected to everyone all the time, and we constantly need to be doing something. Those two needs combined make it pretty impossible to ever put our Smartphones down or spend a weekend without our laptop or tablet. God forbid we enter an area without service. GOD FORBID!

We’re evidently “narcissistic.” I take offense to this, but this generalization was mentioned in every single article I came across. Generally, we have problems caring about other people. We do things for ourselves, and we don’t feel the need to care about anything else. It sucks but this is kind of true. Although I tend to think of society as a whole acting this way, I can see where this stereotype might come from. A lot of people have defended the generation though, saying that if this is true it’s because we were raised that way. If no one ever helps us, then why would we ever feel the need to help others? What do you think?

One of the few ideas that I agree with is that we’re babied as youngsters when it comes to fairness. Teachers aren’t legitcharles21allowed to use red pen because it makes the student feel bad, certain middle schools don’t use F as a grade because it’s too “harsh”, and every team to ever play in any sport ever is always given a trophy so that everyone feels equal. I’m sorry but I call shenanigans, and a lot of discussions about the Millennial Generation have called us out on this one too. Critics say that it’s wrong to purposely teach kids that everything is equal and they will always get what they want because it sets them up for failure. This one seemed to be the most controversial, and I definitely have my opinions about this. If you want to say yours, comment on this blog so everyone can see them!

However spoiled or narcissistic we are, we do have one thing going for us. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get a job in an economy that certainly doesn’t offer as many jobs as there are graduating students. We will go to college for years, get our Masters, complete three internships, and spend the rest of days under mounds of debt just for a job that’s satisfying to us. We’re the first generation in years to have to take so many steps just to be qualified for an entry position, but we’re doing it. A lot of companies have said that this makes the Millennial Generation a force to be reckoned with in the workplace. Go us!

Millennials Photo (1)When you look at any generation, there will be good and bad traits. There are generalizations, stereotypes and outliers. Honestly with the world changing constantly in so many different ways, I think we’re doing a pretty good job and I know we will take the world by storm as we all grow up.  Yeah Millennials!


– Lexy

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