6 Cheap Winter Clothing Trends for Guys


As the mornings turn bitterly cold and your walk around campus feels more like a trek through Verkhoyansk, Russia rather than Towson, MD, it’s important to bundle up. But who says you can’t look extremely fresh while conquering the cold?!

Also, we are college students so inevitably that means we probably only have enough cash to cook up a hot pocket and some applejacks for dinner. We can’t be spending tons of money on clothes, so I’ve compiled some awesome pieces that can be found for very cheap. Here are 6 winter trends for my stylish Tiger brethren out there…

hipsterflannelVintage Flannel

Going for that hipster lumberjack look? Nothing beats a vintage flannel to layer with during the winter.  You could go to Urban Outfitters or H&M and peruse their large collections of flannel or you can take a risk and hit up thrift shops like Goodwill to find some dirt-cheap gems.

Where to Find/Price:

Goodwill: $4-$8

H&M: $20-$50

Urban Outfitters: $50-$100

Concert Teesconcerttee

Show off you inner Axl Rose by rocking a vintage concert tee this winter. The old-school graphics on these tees go well with a pair of jeans, boots, and a solid cardigan.  You can find these shirts right down the street from campus at Record and Tape Traders.

Where to Find/Price:

Record and Tape Traders: $20-$30

crewCrew Neck Sweaters

Sometimes basic is best. Pick up a couple different colored crew necks sweaters to wear with a nice pair of slacks from your wardrobe.

Where to Find/Price:

H&M: $12-$30

Uniqlo: $40

Hockey Jerseysrockyhockey

Forget about football, hockey jerseys are what’s hot right now. The unique logos and heavy material of the jerseys are both eye-catching and comfortable for the cold weather. The only problem is getting your hands on a couple cheap jerseys. A quick EBay search should result in some affordable options.

Where to Find/Price:

EBay: $20-$100

hmparkaDark Parka Jackets

No one wants to wear their metallic colored puffy winter coat, and old-school starter jackets are kind of last year. How about you upgrade to a more grown-up look. Parkas and padded jackets are subtle, very warm pieces that add to any winter outfit. Check out H&M for a wide variety of jackets this winter.

Where to Find/Price:

H&M: $50-$80

Work Bootstims

Do Frats at Towson hand out a pair of Timbs to every new pledge each winter? It really seems that way… Regardless every guy needs a durable pair of boots for the winter. You could drop around $200 on a new pair of Timberlands or you could go with a cheaper alternative and pick up a pair of work boots from Wal-Mart and H&M that do the trick for about a quarter of that price.

Where to Find/Price:

H&M: $60

Wal-Mart: $20-$70

Timberland: $150-$250

clarksLace Up Boots and Desert Boots

Along with those work boots, you should get a pair for more stylish occasions. Tall lace-up boots and desert boots are quickly becoming a winter essential for guys in college looking to ditch their Vans and Sperry’s for something more professional.

Where to Find/Price:

Aldo: $60-$100

Clarks: $90-$150

-Ron Miller

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