What Not To Do Pre-Thanksgiving Break


Hello, fellow tired Towson students! We’ve got 3 weeks until Thanksgiving break, and you may be feeling a little sluggish right now. I have a list of the “DO NOT’s” in the weeks before Thanksgiving break.

1. Skip Class. Obviously, you should really never be skipping class, but especially before break. I know you’re sleep deprived, but stick out those 8am’s for just a few more days! You’ll be able to sleep in guilt-free soon- don’t ruin it by skipping class. Teachers know the deal too, and if class banks on participation/attendance points and you’re bailing pre-break, you know what’s going to happen.

2. Give Up. We just came over the mid-semester hump, so don’t turn it into a mid semester slump. The majority of the time, teachers assign big papers and projects near the end of the semester. So basically, you just can’t afford to lose interest. Finals are coming faster than you think, (both a blessing and a curse) and everything you’re doing now counts toward that final grade.

3. Binge On Junk Food. I know that Thin Mints, ice cream, and Chick-fil-a ease all pain- but don’t succumb to their wonderful powers. Whether you’re a health nut or not, you should be preparing yourself for the next 2 months of eating. November and December are filled with parties, food, and other things that are just terrible for us, (but pumpkin pie is just so good!) and it’s okay to indulge- just not from Halloween until New Years! You’re gonna need to detox from all those Kit-Kats and Hershey’s bars you ate last week before Thanksgiving and Christmas so your body can balance itself out.

4. Pretend It’s Still Summer. People, it’s 40 degrees outside, put away the flip-flops! You’re going to catch pneumonia and be miserable just in time for break, and then your glorious days of sleeping in will be tarnished by your inability to breathe. Need I say more? Put on a sweater and some real shoes. The Goodwill is just teeming with ugly Christmas sweaters. Get in the holiday spirit (and reality), flip-flop surfer dudes.

-Paige Whipple

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