Tigers on Tour: Stories from Abroad, Vol. 3


Hey there sports fans! Sunny Day here along with my partner Vinny “The Gooch” getting ready for a great day of writing! If you don’t get the reference, PLEASE keep reading, it doesn’t mean you’re weird or uncool, it just means your childhood wasn’t as good as mine. And that’s okay… Oh, also I made a Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird list for this week about my travels in Europe!!! Here it is:

The Good

  • Hostels

Now I know it was Halloween not too long ago, but they are NOTHING like the Hostel movie series! Well if you’re not familiar with hostels, in Europe they have these houses for travelers where you share a room with around seven people! And the best part? They’re DIRT CHEAP! For me to stay two nights in the heart of Scotland I paid around $30.

  • Scotland

As previously mentioned, I spent this past weekend in Fort William, Scotland and it was BEAUTIFUL!

  • No Tipping

Tired of your server friends complaining about people only tipping 10% at restaurants? Well move to Europe! Here there waiters and waitresses are, as I think they should be, paid a regular wage and do not rely on tips. I mean you can tip ’em if you want but…..

The Bad

  • Deodorant

Dude. If you’re a dry-guy when it comes to deodorant sticks you are out of luck! In my rigorous search for a dry antiperspirant, I have come up empty. Now I’m stuck using some cold, wet, slime known as “Sportstar: Ice Blue”. I’m still debating if I’d rather just stink!!!

  • The Weather

I hate the snow. I hate the snow. I hate the rain and I hate the sleet. You guys remember that? Hey Arnold? No?? Wow okay. My point though is that the weather is crazy here and I dooo not like it! My school is called Sunderland, and boy is that a misleading name. The sun has been out maybe a total of ten days since I’ve been here, as we’ve been cursed with the classic rainy, dreary, English weather.

  • Rent Shopping Carts

This is an odd one too but I put it in the ‘Bad’ category because before I knew the rules I really embarrassed myself! It turns out, though, that at grocery stores all the carts are connected and to get them out you have to put a pound coin in them, and you get it back when you return them! As you can imagine I looked like quite a dummy trying to pry the carts apart my first time at the store -___-

Just Plain Weird

  • Fish n Chips

Yes, yes, I know, fish n chips are a staple of England! I don’t know though guys, I gotta admit I was not too crazy about them! First off, they’re just drenched in grease. I know that’s normal in America but this was even disgusting for me to see. But second I just didn’t like the taste; it was too….. fishy.

  • Stop Lights

Well, they’re not hanging above the road but they’re on the side of the road. And this isn’t just in some areas, this is EVERYWHERE. Oh, and also they have a really weird timing system as it goes “GREEN. YELLOW. RED. YELLOW. GREEN.” There’s a yellow after the red, which I don’t understand at all.

  • Cars on Sidewalk

LOL. British cars (and the people driving them) always seem to leave all their cares at home. All the cars parked on the road are at least halfway on the sidewalk and many cars will go ALL THE WAY up on the sidewalk, really just because.



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