Halloween Recap! The 5 Best Episodes of Goosebumps!


Remember the days when you’d kick back with a fresh Yoo-hoo, a pack of Dunkaroos, a Kid Cuisine, and watch six straight hours of Goosebumps? No? Just me? Well, even if you couldn’t relate to that strangely detailed 90’s flashback, I’m sure we can agree on one simple fact, Goosebumps was the bee’s knees back in the day…

R.L. Stine’s spooky tales scared the crap out of us back in the 90’s and to be honest some of the episodes still could send a chill up your spine (if you need a little refreshing I highly persuade you to revisit this very twisted intro sequence). In honor of Halloween, let’s take a nightmarish stroll down memory lane and count down the top 5 Goosebumps episodes of all time…

gos5. “Say Cheese and Die!” Air Date: Feb. 1996

Quite a morbid name for a kid’s show, but hey, seems fitting. All you really need to know about this one is that it revolves around a camera that can predict people deaths. However, the plot really isn’t the episode’s strongest selling the point. “Say Cheese and Die!” features the talents of a very young Ryan Gosling in the starring role. Before Drive, before The Notebook, there was Goosebumps, and that couldn’t be any more awesome.

4. “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” Air Date: May. 1996wolf

Before Twilight and Hugh Jackman made werewolves sexy, Goosebumps made them downright scary. If you need any reassurance of this please do yourself a favor and rewatch “The Werewolf of Fever Swamp” episode. This two-part episode drew critical praise and has since been released on DVD multiple times.

slappy3. “Night of the Living Dummy II” Air Date: Jan. 1996

Puppets are scary. This is a fact. You know how to make them even scarier? Make them talk, run, and name them Slappy. That’s precisely what happens in this classic Goosebumps episode. Slappy the dummy will forever haunt my nightmares, thanks Mr. Stine

2. “Stay out of the Basement” Air Date: Jan 1996plantsgoosebumps

So basically in this episode two young girls wander downstairs into their father’s basement laboratory only to find their botanist father tied up in a closet. So who has been posing as their dad? A half man half plant mutant/clone. Not freaky enough for you? How about the climax of the episode where the two little girls have to choose between killing off their actual dad or the evil clone posing as their dad. Yea, this was a kids show.

hauntedmask1. “The Haunted Mask” Air Date: Oct. 1995

This where it all began. The pilot episode of Goosebumps still remains the best installment of the entire series. “The Haunted Mask” is right up there with nostalgic Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, only 100x scarier. Having a grotesque mask stuck to your face for the rest of your life is the scariest thing ever when your nine years old, and when you’re 20…. Yeah it’s still really scary.

-Ron Miller, Here’s to a great Halloween Weekend!

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