Tigers on Tour: Stories from Abroad, Vol. 2

I JUST LANDED IN EUROPE, DOG! Just kidding, I’ve been here but if Rick Ross said it then what’s stopping me, yaRick-Ross-007 know? But that’s not why we’re here… Welcome to the second installment of Tigers on Tour, our weekly segment where I tell you about life outside of TU, and even more importantly outside of the US! So here we go; live from England, here is my Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird for this week.

The Good

  • No Sales Tax

I won’t pretend to understand it, but I am totally into the idea that what you see here is what you get, price-wise. Ever been in a situation where you only have $2 but you know you can’t buy that $2 coffee because you’re ACTUALLY going to need $2.12? Well it never happens here! Not now, not never. Maybe the Brits pay extra income tax or someting… either way, still a win for me ūüôā

    • This…Studbroad2

A picture that can only be captioned “Only in England”, I found this gem in the bathroom of the¬†National Football Museum in Manchester.

  • Laaaaate Professors

Class here makes me realize how bratty we are at Towson when it comes to professor arrival. I can picture it now, 20 disgusted and impatient TU students, scoffing at the fact that their professor is three minutes late. Saying things like¬†“OMG if he is not here in 10 minutes, I AM OUT. I don’t have time for this…” Well here’s some perspective: not one of my professors here in England have showed up to class on time. Not one. They come anywhere from three to fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time, further bringing light to the fact that maybe we Americans just need to take a deep breath and be patient!

The Bad

  • The Mean Streets

I just¬†don’t know. I¬†understand that they drive on the other side of the road here, I¬†really do, but¬†that doesn’t stop me from absent-mindedly running into traffic a solid once or twice a week. This is not mentinoing that British people drive like maniacs but that’s something we can save for another conversation…

  • Kids on Cigskeep-kids-cigarettes-1

And they wonder why they’re known for having bad teeth… Since I’ve been here I’ve noticed at least 11 children on the street with CIGARETTES in their mouhts!!! Seriously guys, like 8-year-old kids who watch cartoons and ride their scooters… they smoke! I got one acronym, four letters: D.A.R.E.

  • Everything About McDonalds

Yeah, I thought it was cool they had McDonalds here too… at first. To start, everyone here calls it¬†MacDonalds with an ‘A’! WHERE IS THE ‘A’, THERE IS NO ‘A’ YOU IDIOTS!!!!!! Phew. But on top of that , the food just isn’t as good and I can’t put my finger on exactly what makes it that way. So far I’ve tried a McDouble and McChicken and even for McDonalds’ standards: 2 thumbs down!

Just Plain Weird

  • Pillin’ Up

Last week I got sick. You know, the sore throat, deafening cough, and that¬†overall achy¬†body¬†feeling? So naturally¬†I went to the pharmacy which was really really weird because even their OTC medicines are actually behind the counter. So basically to add to my sickness, I had to describe my symptoms to this pharmacist and SHE chose my medicine, with my personally having no say… LAME!

  • QWERTYSutdbroad3

¬†Right now I’m at the library and this British keyboard layout is killing me! Where do I begin? The @ and ” symbols are swapped, the \ key is now all the way to the left of the z, and the # key has been replaced with the pound sign and is now all the way next to the enter key. I think I’ll stop before I get a headache.


Yup, you read that right. Here, if a professor tells you they’ll be out of town on a day you have class that¬†does NOT constitute celebration… Instead of just canceling class that day, they’ll ask one of their buddies from the department to fill in for them.

Silly British Game of the WeekStudbroad1

  • I don’t know what it’s called but at the National Football Museum there were 20+ grown men partaking in a tournament. It seems to be a mix of fooseball and chess and is one of the absolute silliest things I’ve ever seen.

This Week’s Top Quote on the Difficulty of School in Europe

  • “Ideally I’d like all of you to pass your final exams the first time” -Management Professor

— Mike

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