Your Hourly Towson Weather Report

So we’ve all been here for over two whole months so there should be two things all freshman have learned.  One, Towson students don’t mess with slow walkers (FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY PLEASE WALK FASTER TO CLASS).  Two, weather here changes more quickly than Miley Cryus’s twerking.  If you haven’t yet discovered that second part, then this post may help a fellow Tiger out.  For those of you who are fellow sufferers of our bipolar weather, this post may just make you feel less alone in this Towson world.

Your hour by hour weather report:


You head out the door and head to your first class and it actually looks like it could be a beautiful day!

God_it's_a_beautiful_day(too soon?)


After sitting through a lecture, you strut your stuff outside but uh-oh, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and you’re dressed in shorts and flip flops.



So you head back to your room to warm up under your warm double layers of blankets and take your early morning nap (if you’re that lucky).



You wake up from your perfect nap to find that outside the weather is once again warm and sunny so you are super pumped for your walk to class.



But then during class the super storm clouds come out OF NOWHERE, but don’t worry, it hasn’t started to rain yet.



But then once your class is finally over, the stage set of “The Perfect Storm” drops down onto the Liberal Arts Building and you’re faced with running back home without an umbrella or rain boots.



You arrive back to your room just in time to look like a sad, sad wet dog.



And just like– that the sun came back out and its a smoldering 88 degrees!



Time to head outside again but now that the sun has gone down, Towson feels like Antarctica.



And then you try to make plans to go to dinner, but it suddenly torrential downpours.  And you try lying to yourself that it’s not raining that hard so you don’t have to eat at the Glen just because it’s so close.



Guess what?  The rain made it humid and warm again just in time for your hair to get frizzy for the rest of the day!



Don’t worry– as you walk back to your room, the floods of Towson from earlier rain will be spilling down Hawkins Hall steps.



By this time, we’ve all just given up on Mother Nature and decide to wear rain boots, shorts, and a winter jacket tomorrow morning.  Don’t worry, I won’t judge you for your appropriate Towson attire.



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