5 Reasons Why Towson Basketball will be Awesome this Year

tuballThe Towson Tigers basketball season officially kicked off on November 8th and if you’ve been a bit preoccupied with midterms or putting together thatepic Halloween costume, you may not have heard that your Tigers are projected to do big things this year.

Several College Basketball news outlets and the CAA coaches’ poll predict that Towson will win the CAA championship and find itself in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1992. Now if I was a more mature individual I may say to temper your expectations because it is a long season…. But that’s no fun! Here are 5 reasons why this Towson basketball season will be awesome…

secuSECU Arena 

Now that we’ve all learned how to properly pronounce it, (SEE-Q), it’s time to finally christen this beautiful arena with some college basketball. Sure, maybe you went to the Involvement Fair earlier this year or a couple volleyball games and took a look around, but this building really didn’t come alive until opening night Nov. 8th against Navy, where we beat them by 27 points! When those seats are filled with black and yellow and the Tigers step onto that striped court it will be a sight to see (especially from the two level student section).

Tough Scheduleku 

“The only way to be the best is to beat the best”-Many cliché coaches throughout history. Whoever created the Tiger’s schedule for the 2013-2014 season must of had this quote in mind. Not only do the Tigers have their usual matchups with CAA rivals Delaware, JMU, and Drexel but this year they also have games against consistently solid programs like Temple and Oregon State. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the Tigers have early season away meetings with college basketball powerhouses Villanova and Kansas… This year will truly test how far Towson basketball has come.

nbcsportsNationally Televised Games

This year Towson will have five, count ‘em, FIVE nationally televised games on NBC Sports Network. This gives the Tigers a chance to not only highlight their program on a national stage but it also gives us, the fans, a chance to demonstrate our passion for the team and our school. All the more reason to sell out the student section at SECU every home game!

Jerrelle Benimonjerry 

If you’ve yet to familiar yourself with Towson’s 6’ 8’’ senior forward and star player, it’s time to recognize. After a tremendous 2012-2013 season where Benimon averaged 17ppg and 11reb, the Virginia native has landed on several pre-season All-American lists. Benimon will look to continue his stellar play and lead the tigers to their first NCAA Tournament appearance in more than 20 years.

caatourThe CAA Tournament is in Baltimore 

As we all know, the Tigers were suspended from any post-season play last year (I still think we would have won last year’s CAA tourney). However, last season’s suspension may have been a blessing in disguise because this year the conference’s tournament is right in our backyard. The 4-day tournament will be held at Baltimore Arena from March 7-10. How awesome is it going to be to watch the Tigers fight for their first NCAA Tournament birth in 20 years right in their hometown. Tickets are available now!

-Ron Miller

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