7 Spooky Songs for Halloween


BOO!! Did I scare you? Hopefully not because that would be strange… Can’t you just tell Halloween is right around the corner? The leaves are turning orange, the sky is turning grey, and Hocus Pocus is gracing our TV screens like it’s 1996 again.

I bet you all are eagerly getting your creative costumes together (side note: if a hear one more girl say that she is being the “minions” from Despicable Me with a group of her friends I may just implode), or if your like me you may just throw on a jersey and call yourself a “hockey player” for the third year in a row.

Regardless, what’s a Halloween costume party without a scary dope playlist for its soundtrack? Take a listen to these 7 spooky songs and try to say that they down send a chill down your spine! Checkout Towson Sam’s Halloween Playlist over at Spotify to listen to these tunes and many other horror-filled jams…

“GHOST!”– Kid Cudi

Mr. Mescudi is a master of creating a mood through his music, either joyous or frightening. “GHOST!” off his second full length LP Man on the Moon II is one of his most eerie records to date. The freaky middle-eastern strings that open the track set the pace for a chilling ride inside the mind of the man on the moon. “When did I become a ghost?!”

“Lose Your Soul”– Dead Man’s Bones

Add crazy cool rock band lead singer to the list of what makes Ryan Gosling the coolest son of a gun to ever roam this Earth. Gosling and buddy Zach Shields make up the LA-based indie rock outfit Dead Man’s Bones. The duo only has one studio album under their belt but boy is it one hell of a record, pun intended. Filled with nightmarish themes and lyrics about skeletons, werewolves, and zombies Dead Man’s Bones self titled album is sure to throw listeners through a horror hula-hoop. “Lose Your Soul” is one of the highlights from that record. Gosling’s menacing baritone-singing voice coupled with a creepy children’s choir makes for the perfect tune to get you in the Halloween spirit.

“The Killing Moon”– Echo And The Bunnymen

If you’ve seen the mind-scrambling horror/sci-fi masterpiece that is Donnie Darko you may already be familiar with this next tune (If you haven’t seen Donnie Darko it is an absolute MUST SEE this Halloween). “The Killing Moon” sounds like what would happen if you mashed 80’s pop radio with a cemetery, The Breakfast Club atom-smashed with The Exorcist, are you catching my drift? This one will keep you dancing but also have you sleeping with a night-light.

“Centurion” – Earl Sweatshirt ft. Vince Staples

This one just sounds like an alleyway. Long Beach rapper Vince Staples starts off the track with what I feel could best be described as “black hoodie scary ghost rap”. However, the real chills come when Odd Future wordsmith Earl Sweatshirt hops on the track over some devilish orchestral strings. This is that “footsteps behind you at night” kind of rap.

“True Blood” – Justin Timberlake

We all know Justin has come through with some of our generations hottest pop records, but a 9-minute concept song about lustful, seductive Vampire women…. Um, okay, why not? This hair-raisingly funky jam off of JT’s recently released album The 20/20 Experience Part 2 is basically Mr. Timberlake’s response to “Thriller”. “True Blood” is sure to be a hit in any club of the undead…

“My Mind’s Playin’ Tricks on Me” – Geto Boys

“Last year Halloween fell on a weekend…” Bushwick Bill explains on this Geto Boys classic from 1991. The song tells three separate tales of paranoia and schizophrenia all over a timeless beat equal parts funky and ghostly. Listen to this one in a “four cornered room staring at candles”.

“Time of the Season” – The Zombies

There may not be a better song for the fall then The Zombies 1968 hit “Time of the Season”. Recently used in this year’s horror blockbuster The Conjuring, “Time of the Season” is just of those tunes that feels fresh every time you hear it. The groovy psychedelic organs mixed with the ever-recognizable bass line instantly put you in the mood for a good scare. Put this one of repeat, it’s that time of the season again…

Be sure to check out Towson Sam’s Spotify profile for our Halloween playlist and several other awesome mixes! HAPPY HALLOWEEN you little devils!

Ron Miller, Music for your Soul, Inspiration for your Life

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