Top 10 Haunted Places in Maryland!

IMG_3216The Antietam Battlefield– Known as the site of the bloodiest battle in American history, the battlefield is said to be haunted by both Union and Confederate soldiers who lost their lives in battle on September 17th, 1862. Bloody Lane, a specific area of the field where a ditch proved to be the death place of over 5,000 Union and Confederate soldiers is said to be the most haunted place on the field. The Pry House and Piper House that stand on the battlefield are also said to be haunted, along with the St. Paul Episcopal Church which served as a Confederate hospital after the battle.

The Surratt House– This house was home to the infamous Surratt family, and supposedly the place in which the murder of Abraham Lincoln was plotted. The home belonged to Mary Surratt, one of the famous four people who were sentenced to death by hanging for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Surratt, along with Lewis Powell, David Herold and George Atzerodt were hanged on July 7, 1865 and since then the Surratt house is said to be haunted by Mary Surratt herself. The house is now a museum which is open to the public.

The Black Woods– Made famous by the movie The Blair Witch Project, the Black Woods was said to be haunted by Elly Kedward, a woman who was banished to the Black Woods for witchcraft during a particularly harsh winter in 1785. Since then, the witch is said to have haunted the woods. Bodies have supposedly been founded in the Black Woods bound by their hands and feet and disemboweled. For those who are brave enough to visit, the most common sites would be the Tappy East Creek where a hand has been seen coming up out the water and pulling in small children, or Coffin Rock where several bodies were found.

The Jericho Covered Bridge– This bridge in Harford County is the last covered bridge that still stands in Maryland. Built62232038 in the 1880’s right after the Civil War, the bridge was supposedly used for the lynching of many former slaves. It is said that if you drive across the bridge at night, your car will stall and you may see someone hanging from the bridge from your rear view mirror.

Bachelor’s Point– Located in Denton along the Chesapeake River, Bachelor’s Point is the site of the great indian massacre. After several tribal warriors fought for freedom and lost, a few soldiers came back to the tribe to spread the heartbreaking news that the tribe would be put into slavery. Almost all who remained of the tribe joined hands and walked into the river chanting. No one survived. Since then, Bachelor’s Point is said to be haunted by those who lost their lives to avoid slavery.

The Horse You Came In On Saloon– The bar was established in 1775, and has served in Fells Point without fail since horse-you-came-in-on-saloon-baltimore-300x199then, even during the prohibition. It is said to be the last place Edgar Allen Poe was seen before he died in 1849, and since his death it’s said that he haunts the bar. People have reports orbs, thrown barstools and voices.

Marwood Mansion– Built in 1926, mansion is said to be haunted by the Gore family that once lived there. Toilets are flushed regularly for no reason, and anything that is put in the basement and left there overnight is destroyed by morning. The house now belongs to Ted Leonsis, chairman and CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

The places listed above are haunted sites that allow or welcome visitors. However, sometimes the most haunted sites are those where visitors aren’t welcome. The places listed below are haunted sites where no trespassing is allowed and are regularly monitored by police.

Henryton Sanitarium– The hospital opened in 1922 in Marriotsville as a hospital for African Americans suffering from tuberculosis, but was converted into a hospital for “severely retarded” people ages 18 and over. The hospital was phased out and closed by 1985, and several have said upon visiting the site that the hospital is haunted by those who stayed and died there.

hqdefaultRosewood Insane Asylum– Located in Owings Mills, the mental hospital was opened in 1888 as an “Asylum and Training School for the Feeble Minded.” The hospital was infamous for being overcrowded with patients without having enough staff to care for them. It closed in 1969 and is now property of Stevenson University, a private college near the hospital grounds. The hospital served even as a burial site for those who lost their lives when the asylum was hit with a flu epidemic. Many patients who lived there also died there, and it is said that there are several ghosts who still haunt the grounds.

Forest Haven Insane Asylum– The asylum, located in Laurel, was opened in the early 1920’s for children with mental diseases or defects, and was closed in 1991. The asylum was infamous for how poorly the patients were treated. The asylum closed because of lawsuits. Some lawsuits said that the patients were physically and emotionally abused, and several said that many patients were left to die and decompose in the hospital. It’s said that those who died in the hospital now haunt the buildings and the grounds.

– Lexy Wright

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