Most Common Photo Locations for Towson Students

Most common places people take photos at Towson:

In front of the Tiger

How many times have you seen someone show their tiger spirit by posing in front of the golden Towson tiger? I can’t tell you have many  pictures I’ve seen of this, but I love it. Hey, at least Towson students have spirit.  If you haven’t taken a picture with the Tiger you probably should. It’s ritual.   serverCAXJVCSG

At Burdick Gym:

There are certain people that have to let their social media  know every time they go to the gym. It’s almost as if it doesn’t count that you’ve gone to the gym unless you upload a picture for proof. You want people to see that you’re strong or working on getting in shape. It’s okay, I’ve done it too. burd

In the library:
A lot of students upload pictures of them at the library. I think before students start to study, they have to let their social media friends know that they’re stuck in the library for the rest of the night. You might see these hashtagged as #LibraryFlow #Studying or #Clubcook.

Dorm Room
The dorm room pictures are big on the weekends. A lot of Towson students that go out take a couple pictures to let everyone know they’re about to go out. These are most common from Thursday through Saturday around 10pm.  serverCAF7UQL2

These are some top photo locations for Towson students. If you follow anyone from Towson, you’re likely to see atleast some of your friends taking pictures in these locations

Stay Tuned for next weeks blog!

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-Chris H

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