Tigers on Tour: Stories from Abroad, Vol. 1

Hi guys it’s me, Mike. Although my heart is still at Towson, I am currently studying abroad at Sunderland University which is in England! So basically I’m starting this segment to let you guys know what exactly I spend my days doing here in the UK. I’ll be letting you know things that are different, things that are funny, and all the other interesting stuff I see when I’m not eating Doritos and watching Breaking Bad in my room (USA!). Okay, no more blabbering… here is my Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird from my past week in England.

The Good

  • Grocery Store Deliveries

Okay, so this isn’t something I just discovered recently, but I feel like I HAVE to let you guys know what you’re missing out on!!! This may surprise you, but Europeans are a little lazier than we think and many of them have their groceries delivered! That’s right, at Tesco.com users fill up their shopping cart through the internet, select their delivery time, and simply wait for their food to be delivered right to their door. Thank you, BaseGod.

  • Chilli Heatwave Doritosdoritos-chilli-heatwave-flavour-tortilla

Dude…. I do not understand why these haven’t hit the states yet. I mean, maybe I didn’t do my research well enough, ‘cus that would be really embarrassing if the did, but I’m like 90% sure the Doritos here are exclusively on a completely different level. Self-proclaimed as a “flavour fiesta”, you’ve gotta try to find these online!

  • Double Decker Buses

I spent all of last weekend in the heart of London, which was such an awesome experience! However, I still think the most notable part of my trip was getting to ride on double-decker buses hehe! Literally, all of the buses in London are two stories and there’s not much better than sitting directly over-top of the driver, feeling like you own the city!

The Bad

  • Pay to Pee in London

Now I could have easily put this in the “Just Plain Weird” category, but it was such a tragedy that I had to leave it here. But yeah… if you’re broke in the city of London with a small bladder, you are out of luck, my friend! For some reason or another, all public restrooms there are guarded and there’s an average 30pents (50 cent) fee to pee which I could not find that more ridiculous!

  • NFL? Never Heard of It…tom-brady-crying_original_display_image

No, I really do get it: soccer is huge here to a point that you could not imagine, but I thought there would at least be SOME American Football coverage! Nope. Not one channel covers it and not one single local has any sympathy for me. Aside from that, I bought Sunday NFL ticket for my laptop and even THAT isn’t supported outside the US. I know what you’re thinking: without the NFL what do I have to live for? Well… I do. not. know.

  • No Mountain Dew or Root Beer 

Correct me if I’m wrong but I know in some southern states, it’s a crime for local stores to be out of Mountain Dew and/or Root Beer. I’m serious though guys, you cannot find this stuff anywhere here, and I mean absolutely NOWHERE! So much for my laid back Sundays kicking back with some football and some ‘Merican sugar drink…

Just Plain Weird

  • Geordie Shore

Lol. So here’s the ‘Situation’… okay, yeah that joke was like a 3/10, yikes. Umm, but guys there’s an obvious Jersey Shore copy show here called The Geordie Shore where they have 8 crazy Brits living together and yadda yadda yadda. The show is terrible but I live like 10 minutes away from the house so I guess that’s pretty… cool?

  • The Game of Poolpool

So we were in a pub the other day (cool, man!) and we came across this silly little game. I mean it’s not that silly because there’s still the eight pockets and the cue ball, but all the other balls are different. So like, in American pool where you have solid and striped balls, here there are only red and yellow balls… with no numbers! I don’t think there’s any way we played this game without looking like hardcore tourists 😦

  • Sparkling Water

Ewwwwwwwww! Ever been in McDonalds and you want a Sprite but the fountain ran out of flavor when you drink it there’s just disgusting carbonated water?!? Well here, they drink that stuff for fun. If you’re ever out to eat in Europe and order a water, PLEASE make sure to ask for ‘still water’. Because you’ll only make that mistake one time.

British Quote of the Week

“Good morning guys! Well I guess there’s nothing really good about it with all this rain. As for all you foreign students: get used to it cus it only gets worse” -my professor

This Week’s Top Selfie —>image

The Big Ben clock tower in London, England 🙂


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