What Don’t You Know About Towson?

th1)      Towson started of course as a teacher school, but the reason for Towson was more to teach teachers so that Maryland could start really putting good teachers in charge of high schools. After the Civil War, Maryland legislators decided they wanted children to get educated beyond the 8th grade, which at that time was very rare. They only started Towson to train women to teach in elementary schools. It wasn’t really thought of as a college

2)      Towson was first started in 1866, and then it wasn’t even in Towson; the school was one space rented out in the middle of Baltimore. In the beginning it was only 3 faculty and 11 students, along with Principal Newell (which is where Newell Hall came from.)

3)       Towson went through four name changes before finally getting to be Towson University. First it was the State Normal School, in 1866. The name was changed again in 1935 to the State Teachers College after it became a four year school because the state decided that to teach, you needed a “baccalaureate” degree.  Then in 1976, the school started offering more courses and began to look more towards new programs. The school was renamed Towson State University. The name changed for the final time in 1997 to Towson University because the school was no longer completely supported by the state financially.

4)      We weren’t always Tigers! Before 1962, we were Knights. The SGA changed the mascot to a Tiger in 1962, and it took over a year for Towson students to accept the change, so the Tiger wasn’t actually introduced publicly until Homecoming in 1963.docminnegan

5)      Doc Minnegan was actually a person. He was a phys ed teacher at Towson for the men from 1927-1972, and in that time he started baseball, gymnastics, track, wrestling, football and lacrosse, and he established the Towson Athletic Hall of Fame. He’s basically the reason why we have sports at Towson, so what better name to give our mascot? In 2002, our Tiger mascot was officially named Doc Minnegan.

6)      Towson football had its first homecoming game in 1968, and lost. Towson football began in 1963, but didn’t start playing homecoming games until ’68, when they lost against Gallaudet College.

7)      Glen Esk, which is now the counseling center, used to be the President’s house. It was built in 1905 before th (2)the school moved onto the land in 1912. It was very large and modern for back then, with five first floor rooms, six bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor and five bedrooms on the third floor. It also had central heating, running water, electricity and indoor plumbing. The school got the house, along with the land in 1915 and instead of tearing it down, it became the President’s residence until 1970.

Now you know things! If you want to learn more, you can go to this website. They have really interesting facts on the school we love!

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