Pictures that show your feelings towards school

Freshman:  If you’re a freshman, college is exciting. You’ve just graduated from high school and move on to the big leagues.  Unfortunately, you have to leave your friends, but you get to make new ones. For most, this is the first time you get to live on your own without rules. It can be overwhelming as a freshman because everything is new.  The people, teachers, classes, and parties are all new experience. If you’re a freshman in college, you’ll probably look like this.


Sophomore: If you had a great freshman year, you can’t wait to get back to school. You went back home and saw your high school friends, but you really miss your college friends. You had one year away from your parents and can’t wait to return to freedom.  If you’re a sophomore, you’ll probably look like this.


Junior: If you’re returning to college as a junior, you’re just looking towards a great semester. If you never transferred, you pretty much know everything about your school. You aren’t as excited as the incoming freshman or sophomores, but you aren’t tired of college yet. If you’re a junior, you’ll probably look like this.


Senior: Well, well, well. It’s senior year. After passing your classes and going through the whole college experience, you are finally about graduate. At this point you are done with school. Senioritis is slowly starting to creep up on you and there isn’t anything you can do about it. This is the moment you realize that you might actually have to enter the real world. If you’re a senior, you probably look like this.


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– Chris H.

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