5 Types of People You See In Your 8am Class

5 Types of People You See in Your 8am Class

The really wide awake students: I don’t understand how some students can be so alert in an 8am class. Did you go to bed at 10PM? How is it possible to be so alert that early in the morning? I guess some people are just morning people. Not me.

Portrait of smiling student in training course

The “Complainer”:

This is the student with the look of agony on their face. They would rather be anywhere in the world besides class. An 8am class was the last thing they wanted to wake up for. Every class they regret making their schedule. young-black-man-frustrated-277x370

Students still wearing their pajamas:

There are always those students who just rolled out of bed wearing their PJ’s. The struggle gets real for 8am classes. It’s even worse if you stayed up studying, or stayed out partying. dt_common_streams_StreamServer

 The “Laptop User”: This is the student that brings their laptop to class just to stay awake. Instead of taking notes, they’re probably on Twitter or Facebook. imagesCA8VW9J3These are the decievers. There are some of these students in every 8am.

Half asleep student: That one student who comes to class just to sleep. I might have been this guy before when I took 8ams. But hey at least they made the effort to come to class right? It’s always the thought that counts. Student-sleeping

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-Chris H

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