How Did SAM Get Their Mascot?

Why is SAM a mouse? Have you ever wondered that? We’re Towson; our mascot is a Tiger who looks pretty ferocious in all of his statues. Why would we have a Student Activities mascot be a mouse when our school mascot is pretty much one of the most feared predators in the cat family? I’ll tell you!

So a couple years ago, a bunch of Student Activities marketing assistants were sitting around in the office working on event promotions, when all of a sudden one of them saw this mouse scurrying under the table. Of course, there were a couple screams and squeals from the guys who just couldn’t keep it together. It ran under chairs, and through computer cords and out of sight, and they went back to work.

 613be7573b42368c7542d66b65efd928Of course they saw him again and again, and after a few months the Student Activities employees had gotten used to seeing him. He became the office mascot because he was always around! Funny thing, “Student Activities Mouse” and “Student Activities Marketing” have the same initials, S.A.M.!

Obviously they had no choice but to name him “Sam,” and from there the rest is history. Now, he’s a part of the SAM team just like us.  The best part is that he wanders around campus without being seen and always comes back to give us the scoop. He’s at every event running around and making sure everything is going smoothly.

Eventually, Sam met Doc when they were pushed into a group together for Thursday Night Trivia. It was bound to happen, but like all parents, we were scared that they weren’t going to like each other. I mean, cat and mouse. Come on.

It didn’t start out well. Sam got an answer wrong and they lost. Even though it’s only a game, Doc was pretty because he’s a Towson Tiger. He likes to win. Everyone knows Doc, he’s a very nice tiger. Of course he didn’t do anything to hurt Sam but it wasn’t like they were best friends either. Then Sam did something that no mouse has ever done before: he shared his cheese fries.

Doc loves cheese fries. He took a few, and then Sam put the plate in the middle of the table and the friendship began! It was that easy. By the end of the week, they were texting about events and tweeting at each other about Doc’s appearances on the second floor of the Union. Now they’re good friends and they keep each other in the loop and events and important things around campus. What a lovely friendship. Odd, but lovely.

tiger_and_mouse_by_bonzaialsatianThe friendships that Sam cherishes the most are the friendships he makes with students. He wants you guys to come to the events that he helped put together, and that he’s really proud of. So come join us and Sam and even Doc for events put together by Student Activities! We love getting everyone involved, and Sam would love to meet you!

Just so you know though, once you’re friends with Sam it’s a lifelong friendship. Don’t ditch him when you graduate and go off to become some huge celebrity. That’s what Student Activities is about; making lifelong friends with people you might not have met otherwise. Follow Sam on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already, and come to some of our events! They’re fun I promise!


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