You Know You Go To Towson When…..

You cringe a little when you hear the words “Glen,” “construction,” and “no crosswalk”–

–And on the inside you’re like…


Frogger is a game that is your actual life.

We’ve all done the “switchfoot” across Osler Drive.


You cry a little and swerve the ish’ out of your car when you see an open parking space…midday.

You’d better buy a lotto ticket after that!


When you walk into paws your immediate reaction is to leave.

“Aint nobody got time for that line.”


You go to Ptux late and die a little inside because you realize it closes earlier than everything else.

“But I just wanted creamy pesto pasta!”


Every semester you find a new route to class because of construction…

…and it doesn’t even phase you anymore.


A dining worker named Sabrina makes your day so much better.

Admit it, you feel awesome when you hear “How you doing, baby?”


You get a text from your local police department almost everyday…

…and it’s sadly probably more texts than you get from friends


You get really excited when walking to class because you’re sure to run into three people you know on the way.

Can you say “popular?”….Or is this school just small?


Every time you see a man dressed as a tiger you just go crazy.

He’s just so fluffy!


“Uptown” to you is just a mall and bars…

…but you make it work


You see someone casually smoking near a building on-campus…

…and you really just don’t know what to do!anigif_enhanced-buzz-6286-1379526576-21

And a mouse tells you what’s going on on-campus—

A really cool mouse if I do say so myself.


But despite all these things, Towson is still the best place in your eyes…

…because where else would any of these things be funny?


-B Naps

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