Couples Costumes for the Clever


With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about costumes for the big day. I think couples costumes are so cheesy, but I found a few online that made me laugh out loud. Some of these are so clever that I wish Halloween came around twice a year. Some hilarious costumes and innovative ideas for Halloween follow, and they’re easy enough to pull off.

  1. Princess Leia and Jabba the Hutt. I’ve never seen Star Wars, so all my knowledge of Princess Leia is based off of a Friends episode. (Jen Aniston rocks the costume way better than the chick in this picture, if I do say so myself.) But the little Jabba the Hutt costume totally cracked me up- if I saw that on the street on Halloween, it would scare me more than seeing a ghoul or ghost.
  2. Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Wills and Kate! Hello! I’ve got a Kate Middleton obsession over here, and this idea did not help it at all. What a precious costume. Add a baby doll wrapped up in a swaddle, and you may as well be the royal couple! You could even do Prince Harry and his girlfriend, if that works out better because you aren’t balding like Will, or Prince Charles and Camilla if you’re…elderly. That one could get interesting. This costume definitely ranks #1 on my list.
  3. Walt and Jesse. I’m not a Breaking Bad kind of gal, but it seems that I’m the only one. With the Breaking Bad finale airing so recently, dressing up as these two seems perfectly fitting this Halloween. All you’d need is a yellow jumpsuit to make yourself recognizable, but it would be simple to make it look even more legit. Just nothing illegal, please. We don’t need it to be that realistic.
  4. Guess Who. This costume transported me back to rainy childhood days….and maybe a few rainy high school days too. While Wills and Kate take my favorite spot, this costume takes the prize for most clever. Plus, there are so many characters on the Guess Who board, that you’re bound to resemble one of them.  Slap a cardboard frame around your face, add a little make-up, and boom, you’re good to go. Clever, easy, and adorable.


You don’t have to be a romantic couple to dress up like these dynamic duos: it’s just as easy to grab a friend. Since all of these characters have people around them, you could even grab a whole group of people to re-enact the cast of Breaking Bad. Or my current obsession, New Girl. Anything is possible! Get clever with your Halloween costumes, and send us your pictures! Hashtag #TowsonHalloween on Twitter and Instagram to share them with us, or tag us!,,

by Paige Whipple

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