9 Albums You Can’t Miss This Fall

jtdrakeThe first three quarters of 2013 have blessed us with some pretty great records. Jay-Z proved he can still go platinum with the help of a few well-timed commercials. Kanye West told us he was a GOD as we rocked out to the vicious testament that is Yeezus. And Justin Timberlake emerged from the abyss to get us all dancing once again.

While it may seem like 2013 has run its musical course, this year still has one final push of great tunes to offer up. Without further adieu, here are 9 albums you cannot miss this fall…

miley cyrus bangerz album coverBangerz– Miley Cyrus (Oct. 8th)

Love, Hate, Twerk. Who would have thought that those three words would ever be associated with a young lady who was at one time America’s sweetheart. While Miley’s public image may be twerking through a loop of hard-partying and lost innocence, it would be incorrect to say that her music has suffered. In fact, I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every track Cyrus has released since hooking up with Hip-hop heavyweight producers like Mike Will and Pharrell. Love her or hate her you at least have to give Bangerz a listen on Oct. 8th.

Old– Danny Brown (Oct. 8th)old

If you’ve yet to familiar yourself with Hip-hop’s current party animal, now is the time. 32-year-old Detroit rapper Danny Brown will be dropping his third studio album Old on Oct. 8th.  Filled with both EDM and gangsta rap influence, the project is sure to pleasantly surprise many listeners. You can currently stream the album in its entirety over at Spotify.

M_I_A_-Matangi-2013Matangi– MIA (Nov. 5th)

C’mon, who doesn’t remember hearing MIA’s “Paper Planes” for the first time on that Pineapple Express commercial way back in the day… good times, good times. Anyway, most recently MIA made headlines for being a bit, well, we’ll say disrespectful towards the camera at her surprise Super Bowl halftime appearance. Regardless, her forthcoming album Matangi, coming on Nov. 5th, is sure to be full of the exotically electronic sounds that have defined the 38-year-old singer’s career.

Oxymoron– Schoolboy Q (TBA)q

By now I’m pretty sure most music fans have been turned onto the savior of rap that is Kendrick Lamar. Well now it’s time to meet one of his close buddys, Schoolboy Q. Q has slowly been gaining momentum in 2013 with the release of his two exciting singles “Yay Yay” and “Collared Greens”, however he will look to cement his status as one of rap’s young phenoms with the release of his debut studio album Oxymoron, which is set to drop late fall. Check out Schoolboy’s magnificent 2012 project Habits & Contradictions if you have a chance.

mnimnMy Name is My Name– Pusha T (Oct. 8th)

“EVERYTHING IS PUSHA T!!” If you have no clue what I mean by that statement I persuade you to treat yourself to this wonderful Kanye West rant video. One half of the legendary rap duo Clipse and industry veteran, Pusha T, is set to release his long-awaited solo debut album on Oct. 8th. According to Pusha himself and current mentor, Kanye West, My Name is My Name is going to be the best rap album released this year. After listening to Pusha’s recent singles “Numbers on the Board”, “Sweet Serenade”, and “King Push” that lofty expectation seems more fitting.

Reflektor– Arcade Fire (Oct. 28th)arcade-fire-reflektor

Indie rock darlings Arcade Fire are set to release their fourth studio album Reflektor on Oct. 28th. The album has some pretty hefty expectations to fulfill after the massive critical success of the band’s most recent effort The Suburbs. Be sure to check out what is sure to be one of the best indie releases of the year later this month.

nwtsNothing Was the Same– Drake (Sept. 24th)

It’s official, after pushing 658,000 copies in its first week, Drake’s third record Nothing Was the Same is the number one album in the country. If you’ve yet to listen, I suggest you climb out from under that comfy rock you been sleeping beneath, put on your best set of headphones, and set aside the next hour or so of your life immediately, its worth it. Lead by the marvelously retro hit single “Hold On Were Going Home”, Nothing Was the Same is Drake’s most fully realized and cohesive project to date. Get ready for some ambient production and the rap superstar’s trademark introspective lyrics.

The 20/20 Experience Part 2– Justin Timberlake (Sept. 30th)jt2020double

Back in March, Justin Timberlake returned from an eight-year hiatus to prove he was still our generation’s King of Pop, and he did not disappoint. The first half of his 20/20 Experience was released to chart blazing sales and critical praise. JT will look to continue his run of success with The 20/20 Experience Part 2. You can never have enough Timberlake.

mmlp2The Marshall Mathers LP 2– Eminem (Nov. 8th)

Eminem is just one of those artists that will forever command everyone’s attention. The veteran rapper will be dropping the highly anticipated sequel to his diamond selling Marshall Mathers LP on Nov. 8th. The announcement of the album drew some critique from long time fans that believe Eminem’s sound has grown far too radio-friendly compared to his earlier work. However, if his hit single “Berzerk” is indicative of his current mindstate it seems as if we may have another classic Eminem album on our hands. You won’t be able to resist this one.

-Ron Miller, Music for your Soul, Inspiration for your Life…

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