10 UStore Items You NEED for Towson Football Season

As Doc the Tiger once said, “meow meow, me-meow”, which roughly translates to “Man, I love football!” So do we, ustore-unitasDoc, so do we. With that in mind, Towson football season is in full swing, with the Tigers off to a red hot 5-0 start! TU has four more home games this season, and that leaves four more opportunities for you to pack the house at Unitas Stadium and show off your Tiger pride! Here are 10 items from the University Store that are absolutely must-haves for Towson football fans…

1. Mascot Eye Black ($2.99)Ustore1

Tim Tebow wrote bible verses on his, Reggie Bush wrote his area code… what will your college football eye black say? I mean it will have the Towson logo on it because that’s all it comes in, but still a very cool buy!

2. Foam Finger ($5.99)Ustore2

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen: HE WAS NUMBER ONE! Now YOU can be number one with these classic sports accessory! WARNING: Not to be used like Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s….

Ustore33. Russel Jersey ($44.99)

Being home to the two-time defending CAA Champs, one would think that you’d see more TU Football Jerseys around campus. Get your fan meter up, bro, and pick up one of these bad boys!!!

4. Cute Pom Gloves ($29.99)Ustore5

As many of you know, Towson will unfortunately be without cheerleaders for this season, meaning that we, the fans need to step it up! Yes, these gloves are marketed towards you ladies, but hey there’s no such thing as being too big of a fan, right fellas?!

Ustore45. TU Earrings ($7.95)

Another female product, these earrings are cute, quirky, and fan as heck! For a price like $7.95, you might as well pick up two and use the second pair as tacks for your bulletin board!

6. Doc Blanket ($32.99)Ustore6

With October creeping towards us, things are about to get a bit chilly. But you’re not sending ME to the COOLER! I’ll have my handy Towson blanket and won’t be leaving at halftime like the rest of you suckers!

Ustore97. Winter Hat with Logo ($13.99)

With October creeping towards us, things are about to get a bit chilly. What? I said that for the last one? Well then… that makes my job a little bit easier.

8. Black and Yellow Striped Scarf ($24.99)ustore7

I know what you’re probably thinking: the man in the picture doesn’t seem so sure about this scarf. And you’re right- he doesn’t. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool buy and a pretty interesting way to show off your Towson school spirit!

ustore109. Towson Clap Hands ($14.99)

What are you doing when Towson is on defense? Banging on the seats in front of you like a maniac?! Well that was sooo 2011; pick up one of these TU Clapper Hands to save yourself some effort…

10. The Gnome ($29.99)Ustore11

Okay, okay, you don’t really need this one for football season but it’s just something you need OVERALL. Just look at it!


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