5 DIY Towson-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and in a college-town like Towson, that can only mean one thing… time to find a costume! Sure, you can take the easy road down Cliche Costume Lane (with boys dressing as athletes, policemen, and superhero villains and girls dressing as any profession with the word ‘hot’ in front of it) OR you can go with one of these five simple and clever Towson Themed costumes!

1. Coach Rob AmbroseRob-ambrose

What You Need: 

  • Hair gel (lots of it for that cool, sleek, “I don’t care” look)
  • 1 Towson Polo
  • 1 Towson Visor
  • 1 Pair of Khaki Pants
  • 1 Headset

How to Pull it Off:

  • Sit at the outskirts of your party making pointing gestures with your hands while pretending to talk on your headset. Continue until you’re thrown out of the party…

2. Freedom Squarefreedom1

What You Need: 

  • 1 chalkboard necklace to hang around your neck
  • 5+ pieces of multicolored chalk

How to Pull it Off:

  • Stand quietly by yourself. Hopefully people will be coming up to you and voicing their opinions on your chest, but it’s probably just going to be one creepy guy drawing dragons the whole night… sorry.

wizyeller3. Wiz Khalifa

What You Need:

  • LOTS of fake tattoos
  • Hair dye for the yellow streak in his hair
  • 1 fitted hat
  • Fake glasses are optional

How to Pull it Off:

  • RSVP to ALL parties you’ve been invited to and then (this is the most important part) just don’t show up…

4. Miss Sabrina from The DenSabrina

What You Need:

  • 1 black Chartwells shirt
  • 1 nametag
  • 1 pair of black pants
  • Hair tied up in a bun

How to Pull it Off:

  • Stand at the door of wherever your night takes you and greet everyone who enters with a courteous and sincere “Hi baby how are you doin’ tonight?”

tigerstatue5. Towson Tiger Statue

What You Need: 

  • 1 Tiger Costume
  • 10 cans of black or bronze spray paint

How to Pull it Off:

  • First, you need to spray paint every waking INCH of your tiger costume. Next, you find your hideout and you wait. And you keep waiting…  and if at least one freshman girl tries to jump on you and take a picture… YOU WON.


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