Don’t Be Trashy!


It’s trashy. No, not the beer cans littering the front of your apartment complex, your behavior. (Although the beer cans are too.) Let me just get straight to the point: no one wants to see people stumbling around drunk while they’re trying to enjoy themselves. For Positive Homecoming, we want to stress the importance of being civilized and respectful to yourself and others during the week. As someone who has had to bang on the ceiling multiple times because my inconsiderate neighbors are stomping around until wee hours in the morning, I can personally say that I don’t appreciate drunken, ridiculous, or uncontrolled behavior, especially when I’m out in public.

Please! I’m not telling you not to have a good time, it’s literally my job to make sure that you have a good time. You just need to act in a way that allows others to enjoy their time and make positive memories also.

So here I’ve compiled a list of 5 things to do without drinking to ensure that you have a blast for homecoming, and the people around you do too.

1. Cornhole. If you can’t even tell how many fingers I’m holding up, how do you expect to be able to win a game of cornhole? You’re much more likely to win if you’re buzzed on the fun of the game.

2. Taking Selfies. Those red-eye “drunkies” are not cute, so glam it up, dress the part, and actually look fantastic for your next profile pic. Water is good for the skin, you know.

3. Grilling. I think we’d all agree that stumbling face first into a grill is not how anyone wants to spend their homecoming weekend. If you’re too inebriated to walk, it could happen. But it shouldn’t- so let’s avoid it, people!

4. Watching the football game. When people get older, they always say that they wish they had been present in the moment more. Well, being present at the football game consists of being sober for the football game. Cheer like you mean it!

5. The After-Party. Isn’t making memories and enjoying time with friends a better after party than being miserable with your head in the toilet bowl? Yes. Do I need to continue making my point? I don’t think so.

Once again, I am NOT saying all this to discourage anyone from coming, enjoying, or remembering homecoming. I’m saying this because the beer cans scattering the bushes outside of my apartment building bother me, and I know they bother other people. No one is telling you what to do on your own time or in your own home, but just remember that you have neighbors, friends, and other peers that are affected by your actions. #PositiveHomecoming, people! #ThatsWhatTowsonDoes

Stop by and check out our positive homecoming rally TODAY, (October 2nd) from 2-3 in front of the Tiger Statue across from Burdick Hall and Liberal Arts. We’d love to see you, and give you a free t-shirt and Ritas! Win-win.

by Paige Whipple

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