Homecoming, Let’s Be Positive!

So Homecoming is pretty soon and I’m super excited about it. Aren’t you? If you’re not, lie to me. Anyway, the concert is on October 6th at 7PM and it sounds like it’s going to be amazing. AWOLNATION will be there and so will TwentyOnePilots! Let me tell you, I saw TwentyOnePilots a couple weeks ago when they opened for Fall Out Boy in Philly, and they were pretty amazing. You can tell they love to be on stage.

Here’s the thing about Homecoming though. PLEASE do NOT come to the concert or the football game absolutely obliterated. Let’s talk about why!

Here’s the most important reason: I don’t want to deal with you, and neither does anyone else that’s there to have a   great time. No one wants to be next to the kid that can’t control himself (or herself) because he’s so drunk. Why would that be fun? It’s not.

This is what makes me the most perplexed: what is so fun about spending like 20 bucks for a fifth of alcohol, and using it all in one night? Especially if it makes you sick that night, or the next day. It’s even more pointless when you wake up and you can’t even remember the supposedly AWESOME night you had getting completely wasted. Please tell me what is so fun about that?BeAboutItFlier

If you’re of age and want to have a few drinks, by all means, help yourself. The problem seems to be that a lot of people here feel the need to go above and beyond and get absolutely trashed and act a fool. Don’t act a fool. It’s not becoming.

But seriously guys, think about how people who don’t go here view Towson. When I ask people what they think about Towson, some people say it’s a great school and it’s becoming hardRespectTheBlockFlierer and harder to get into, which is great! Other people say that our students can’t control themselves during events. Even when I think about past events I’ve attended, I am sometimes reminded of negative things that took place and how Towson was all over the news for students being idiots, despite the fact that more times than not, people who were involved didn’t even go to Towson.

Who wants to be that school that is portrayed negatively within the media and the community? I really hope no one does, and that’s why this year we’re trying to promote a Positive Homecoming. We want to be able to have fun, while also acting like adults, because the vast majority of us are adults. You can have a great time while also being civil and respectful towards others and towards your school.

Student Activities will be putting up posters that say things like RESPECT THE BLOCK, and BE ABOUT IT, promoting a positive homecoming that is fun and safe instead of wild and out of control. Take a look at the posters and think about what the school means to you and what you mean to yourself. It sounds stupid, but if you just think it, no one will see you! Steal a poster and hang it up in your room or something. Be proud of what school you go to and represent it in the mostQuitTrippinFlier positive way. Be about it. Seriously.

Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to show your Tiger pride before Homecoming! I know you were worried about when you could show your stripes, I was too. That’s why Student Activities and Off Campus Student Services put together the Positive Homecoming Rally! It’s this Wednesday, October 2nd at 2 PM at the CLA Tiger Statue. We’ll be giving away sweet stuff like t-shirts that were designed by students and free Ritas! Also, who doesn’t want to be a part of an aerial shot? Everyone does. Don’t miss a great way to meet people and a great way to show what makes Towson so great— the students.

— Lexy Wright

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