Independence and Baseball for $4


What’s up, TU?! This past weekend I went to Philadelphia on the CAB bus trip, and let me start by saying that I scored a fantastic deal. The trip cost, only $4 a person, covered round trip fare on a coach bus. If you were to buy a bus ticket to Philly elsewhere, a round trip fare costs upwards of $50 or $60. I also used the metro, so my travelling cost totaled around $12.

The bus dropped us off right across from the Liberty Bell, which neighbors multiple historic buildings; Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s House, The Betsy Ross House, Carpenter’s Hall, and more. If you want to see possibly the most historic city in America, head to Philadelphia. My boyfriend and I both love history, so we couldn’t wait to see the room that the Declaration of Independence came to life in. But you don’t have to love history for that to interest you- if you’re an American, you should see it.

After all the historic sightseeing and touristy activities, we headed underground to navigate the Philly subway system. As a frequent visitor of New York, I’ll tell you that the subway system in Philly beats NYC in almost every way; cleanliness, understandability, and friendliness of employees. In less than a half hour, we arrived at a ground just as sacred to some as Independence Hall- Citizens Bank Park.Image

The Phillies stadium feels much different than good old Camden Yards, and I felt a little like I was cheating on my O’s, but the game didn’t disappoint. That big green Sesame-Street-looking character came out to get the fans pumped, and we got lucky because we happened to go on fan appreciation day. After every half inning, they gave out tons and tons of prizes, ranging from signed jerseys and game balls to Scotty McCreery prize packs (imagine carrying a guitar around the stadium for the rest of the day!) and ShopRite gift cards. While baseball claims to be America’s favorite past time, some of us don’t exactly have the attention span for 9 whole innings, so we left early and I have to admit, I don’t even know who won. But hey, I had a good time while it lasted!

We hit the metro again for another easy ride to the iconic “LOVE” statue, snapped a few pictures, and headed back to the bus stop. For less than $30 total, I can cross Philadelphia off my bucket list of cities knowing that I got the most I could out of just one day in the city. So next time they offer a bus trip somewhere, I will most certainly hop on board, so I encourage everyone else to buy a ticket too, and you can hang out with me!

For information on events and other activities you can get involved in, visit And yes, I took the Philies hot dog picture myself, isn’t it super cool? I think so at least.

By Paige Whipple

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