The Five Hidden Gems of TU!


Meal Deals!

a.       If you have a meal plan with the University, there are several dining locations on campus that offer a thing called a “Meal Deal”. Most of the time, these deals include an entire such as two slices of pizza, a burrito, and cheesesteaks with a side like chips or fruit and a drink…all for ONE MEAL! Meal deals can be found in two of the busiest dining location at TU: Susquehanna and Patuxent

2.       The Campus Activities Board (CAB) Office!

a.       Almost every student knows who CAB is and what they do, but not many know where they are located! Positioned between the Office of Student Activities and Student Government Association offices in the University Union, the CAB office is hidden from sight, but is typically packed with Board members planning events. Stop by the office to learn about their events!

3.       The U Club!

a.       No, it’s not one of those clubs where you’d run into Miley Cyrus twerking with foam fingers. This club, The U Club, is a restaurant located on the first floor of the Towson University Marriott hotel. Although it does not accept ONECARDs, The U Club offers a great selection of foods and drinks. Technically it is located on-campus, but The U Club is not considered a dining hall location, which explains why many TU tigers know little about it.

4.       The Construction Map!

a.       Unlike the other items on this list, this hidden gem is solely electronic. Many students complain about the construction on campus. The University, being the fastest growing one in the state of Maryland, is going through a period of upgrades. Administrators at TU have done their best to pass along current updates about the construction on our campus. You can find the current details at:

5.       The Ticketmaster Box Office!

a.       You have probably walked right on past those four windows in the University Union on the first floor. They’re located right across from the University Store and you had to have stopped by one of them to get your ONECARD. However, not many people know that one of those windows allows TU students to purchase Ticketmaster tickets. Imagine that! You can buy tickets to see Drake, Selena Gomez, TU Alum Amy Schumer, and many more at the University Union!

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