10 Ways to Decorate Your Desk Like the Workaholics Guys

Y’all ready to get torqued?! With the start of classes things have already started to get weird… and not the good weird. “The key to success is a comfortable workplace,” Darius Rucker said it, so you know it’s real. With that said here are 10 ways to make your school workplace straight GRIZZLY. And if you don’t like it…. Well that’s a CHOP!

kitcatWhat: Kit Cat Clock

Where: http://www.kit-cat.com/products-page/all-kit-cat-clocks,

Price: $59.99

Throw away that boring clock from your dad’s old office and upgrade to this CATastic Demamp special. Sure it’s a little pricy but like Adam says himself, “Chicks are like cats dude, if you don’t keep their attention they’ll wait on top of the refridgerator.”


What: Shark X-ing

Where: http://www.amazon.com/Shark-Xing-caution-Crossing-wildlife/dp/B0047PBJR2

Price: $8.75

We all know Blake put his own juvenile twist on this one, but we’ll leave that part up to  you!

What: Random Black and White Framed Photos of R&B Singers dersframed

Where: art.com

Price: From $25-$150

Not enough can be said for Ders’ love of 90’s pop-culture! Coming from the dude who wants R. Kelly played at his funeral, this artwork is no surprise at all.

What: Mini Drumsetrockband

Where: HERE

Price: $14.98

We’re not even sure if Adam can play the drums or if he has any musical talent at all. Maybe he’s just using them to work on some wizard beats….

What: Pictures of Yourself Flexingmore flexing pics

Where: In the gym, at home, even at work

Price: PAIN

We find it hilarious that aspiring bodybuilder Adam “Killzone” Demamp has SEVERAL shirtless pics of himself. It’s such a shame that he’s a lat guy stuck living in an ab guy world…

What: Basketball Trashcanbasketball

Where: rakuten.com

Price: 24.95

ROCK N’ JOCK, TEN POINT SHOT! Although it’s not as quirky as most of their decorations, this one is pretty essential for a college workspace.

What: Wrestling Mannequin mannequin




maskmaniac.com (Mask)

Price: $17.00 mannequin + $16.99 mask = $33.99

The guys sure have proven to be big wrestling fans, BROTHER! Whether it be trying to win a TV-refrigerator to watch WrestleMania, or obsessing over The Lord’s Force, this gnar mannequin must just be another tribute to America’s greatest pasttime… professional wrestling.

What: Soar Postersoar

Where: HERE

Price: FREE… we think Adam just printed this gem out himself

Another Adam’s-desk fixture, we couldn’t find ANYWHERE online that sold this poster. As either a thrift store pickup, or simply a printout, we would expect nothing less that a picture with jets from the Top Gun.

What: Desk Punching Bagpunchingbag

Where: officeplayground.com

Price: $19.99

“You’re lucky I don’t swing on you!”… “I’ll be a pacifist. I’ll pass my fist through your face!”… “We don’t need too much extra security here cus we’ve already got Sirs Vey, and Lance right here. Surveilance.”… Plenty of fighting quotes for this one.

What: More Flexing Pics muscles

Are you flexing bro???

-Mike and Ron

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