Never Ending Cheap Eats!


Hey TU students! Are you on a budget? I know that hooked you, because budgeting affects all of us. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat out for cheap- and McDonalds doesn’t count! Restaurants don’t want to exclude young people that can’t afford a $30 steak. They absolutely cater to the college crowd- you just have to look carefully to find the deals. After a good amount of research, I have managed to find some delicious restaurants that you can eat a great dinner without breaking the bank, and also a few tips to help keep the tab low.

One of my favorite restaurants, Olive Garden, has multiple deals throughout the year that help us college kids out. Right now, the never ending pasta bowl only costs $9.95. When I say never ending, I mean never ending. With seven pastas and six sauces to choose from, (not including the meats you can add on for extra) the possibilities go on endlessly. When I “researched” this option, it was delicious by the way, the waiter told me the record for most bowls eaten so far, and I have a feeling that a good amount of hungry TU students can beat it. The record: a whopping four bowls. I vote that the football team goes in there and destroys that record.

Olive Garden also has lunch meals starting at $6.99. That’s cheaper than some fast food places! Perhaps my favorite deal, however, only lasts for a limited time when they promote it. Although it’s no longer going on, the 2 for $25 special will undoubtedly return soon. Specially designed for date nights, the 2 for $25 offers two dinner entrees and a choice of appetizer or dessert- all for a grand total of $25. What an incredible deal! While they limit the entrée picks to five choices, that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious. Every meal and entrée also includes unlimited salad and breadsticks, which are just amaaazing!

If I haven’t convinced you to check out Olive Garden in  this post, my next blog will feature an equally delicious restaurant, with equally as fantastic prices! If you check out any of the Olive Garden specials or deals, tweet me or Facebook me at and  and let me know how you liked your meal!

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