8 Kanye West Lyrics to Tweet When Studying Abroad

I know guys, I wanted to start the blog by saying “Yeezy season approaching” too. But I couldn’t. With the June release of the wildly anticipated ‘Yeezus’, Kanye West season can no longer be characterized as approaching and is actually nearing its peak! However, one season that IS drawing closer is Study Abroad Season. With that in mind, imma let ya’ll finish, but here is a list of 8 K-West lyrics for you guys to tweet on your time overseas (all songs are linked).  

***Ps. Since yours truly will be leaving for England in just 7 days, consider this the first of many Special Feature Study Abroad Blogs!


1. Lyric and Song: “Baby, I’m going on an airplane, and I don’t know if I’ll beYe1 back again”, Good Life

When to Tweet: Most people type up sentimental tweets before they head out, maybe giving shoutouts to their friends and whatnot.  But not you! Your pre-flight airport tweet is arrogant, cocky, and daresay Kanye-esque. But please, hotshot: don’t tweet this if your mom follows you on Twitter. Unless you have a mean mom in which case this tweet would TOTALLY stick it to her!

Ye52. Lyric and Song:  “I do suicides on the private jet” , Mercy

When to Tweet: You messed up in a few ways if you’re tweeting this. First off, the lyric is “I THREW suicides on the private jet”. C’mon man, you really gotta start checking song lyrics online before you tweet them. This is like the third time this month, and it’s to a point where you’re actually losing followers. Ugh, anyway, tweet this if you’re flying to your destination on a private jet. But then again what are you doing in school if you’ve got a private jet? Oh god, I think I need to rework this list…..


3. Lyric and Song: “Fresh off the plane, konichiwa playas” , Barry Bonds

When to Tweet: Either you’ve just landed in Japan, or a majority of your followers are Japanese. These are literally your only options.

Ye74. Lyric and Song: “How you say broke in Spanish? Me no hablo.” , Dark Fantasy

When to Tweet: Today is a bad day for you. Not only have you run out of money but after two months of living in Spain, you STILL don’t know how to speak the language. Honestly, you should feel ashamed of yourself especially after all that money your parents spent on Roestta Stone to study over the summer. What a waste! Maybe you should be tweeting “How you say disappointment in Spanish?”

5. Lyric and Song: “But this pimp is at the top of Mount Olympus” , Gorgeous Ye4

When to Tweet: No jokes here, you did it! After a six mile climb you’ve climbed the historic Mount Olympus in Greece, aka ‘Home of the Gods’.  Unless…. Oh god you mean you’ve just finished the Gerard Butler movie “Olympus has Fallen”. Good movie, but seriously don’t trick us like that.

Ye66. Lyric and Song: “In a French style restaurant. Hurry up with my dang croissants” , I Am a God                          

When to Tweet: You’re the rude boy Rihanna was talking about. But I get it though. I mean you travel all the way to France and you’d think these guys would be able to get a croissant ready for you in less than 20 minutes! Jeez, you’ve still gotta see the Eiffel Tower before sundown. But please try to keep your cool, we don’t want you getting to the point where you’re tweeting something like “Excuse my French but I’m in Fraaance”

7. Lyric and Song:  “How ‘Ye doin? I’m surviving” , PowerYe8

When to Tweet: Things have taken a crazy turn. As you’re debating about throwing a temper tantrum in the croissant line, the guy behind you beats you to the punch. He’s angry, he’s loud, and he’s… he’s Kanye West. The two of you begin to bond over this croissant debacle and he even smiles when you crack him a Kris Jenner joke. Today is weird.

8. Lyric and Song: “Wake up, Mr. West” , Wake Up, Mr. West

When to Tweet: I hate this part as much as you but at this point of the storyKanye-West-007, Kanyeezy has been knocked out cold by the owner of the French Bakery. Okay, okay, maybe you shouldn’t exactly expect THIS on your study abroad trip. But expect an adventure, expect some wild and crazy times, and expect to have the time of your life. And hey, if you do run into Kanye West in a French Bakery, you’ll know EXACTLY what to tweet…


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