Your 10 Most Embarrassing Tweets from this Summer


This may be the best comeback of all time. Better than MJ coming out of retirement to lead the Bulls to the title. Better than LL Cool J. Even better than when someone calls you fat but you’re all like “I may be chubby, but chubby can slim down. Ugly just can’t be fixed.” (ZING!) Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, our names are Mike and Ron and we’ve missed you guys!!!

But let’s get to the point…  We know you tigers have kept yourselves busy this summer, and with all the craziness in pop culture there sure has been a lot to talk about. Soooo we created a handful of FAKE embarrassing (and stereotypical) tweets from FAKE accounts that we feel every Towson student can relate to and we put them here. Enjoy!

1. The NBA Finals TweetC

2. The Gatsby Tweet


3. The Amanda Bynes Tweetnotchill

4. The Beach Tweet


5. The “I Miss Towson” Tweet


6. The Apartment Planning Tweet


7. The Monsters University Tweet


8. The Fine Letter Tweet


9. The Aaron Hernandez Tweet


10. The North West Joke Tweet


We don’t do fake names anymore. Peace.

-Ron and Mike

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