2013 Towson Post-Semester Awards

Just this Monday, Miami Heat star Lebron James was named basketball’s MVP (Most Valuable PLAYER, Disney fans. Not PRIMATE). In light of the NBA’s award season, plus the conclusion of the school year, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to hand out some hardware of our own! Here are your 2013 Towson Post-Semester Awards…

MVD: Ptuxawards1

For all you award-season newbs out there, MVD stands for Most Valuable Diner, and Ptux couldn’t be more deserving this year. In our March Madness Dining Bracket blog earlier in the year, we let y’all decide your favorite diner, and Ptux won with 20% of the votes! With their hot ‘n ready crab quesadillas and irresistible paninis, Ptux was an easy choice.

Runner Up: PAWS

awards2Elite Tiger Event: Survive Towson

We all know Tigerfest was an early favorite for this award, but a late-season injury stifled their chances at the crown. In a tough race between Survive Towson, TU After Hours, and Homecoming, the committee saw Survive Towson as this year’s standout. Not only is this zombie-infested race a crazy good time, but it even won an award for Best Campus Tradition this year. Check out the video HERE!

Runner Up: TU After Hours

Top Towson Prospect: Tiger Arenaawards3

Year after year, this award goes to a young, hotshot Towson feature in the making. With previous awards going to the likes of West Village Commons and the Burdick Bridge, Tiger Arena sure has garnered a boatload of hype this year. If you haven’t seen pictures of our new $62 million stadium, be sure to check them out HERE. Looks like a hoot!

Runner Up: West Village Bridge

Towson BestOff-Campus Restaurant: Towson Best

If you haven’t been to Towson Best yet this year, you dun messed up. Disregarding any bias, Towson Best is literally, well… Towson’s best! With tasty, yet filling Asian dishes for under $10, you can’t go wrong with this spot. That’s not even mentioning their delectable sushi. Also if you go there a lot they give you free soup. You’re welcome.

Runners Up: Pizza Palace, Chipotle/Qdoba, Bahama Breeze

Comeback of the Year: Towson Men’s Basketballawards5

This award wasn’t given by vote but is actually a fact. The Towson Men’s Basketball team had the biggest turnaround in NCAA history this year and gave us something special to get excited about. Led by forward Jerelle Benimon and superfan Bill Murray, there’s not a more deserving candidate than this year’s Tiger squad.

Runner Up: Towson Baseball

awards6Rookie of Year:

SAM the Mouse

Alright you caught us… you caught the tater. Not to toot our own horn, but in the first year of the Student Activities Marketing branch, we think we did a pretty good job. From our On the Prowl videos, to the blogs, to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, SAM has really developed a strong personality on campus. And next year will be even better than the first… Stay tuned!

Runner Up: Newell Hall

-Mike and Ron

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