5 Best Study Spots For Finals

It’s the final countdown! CUE THE TRUMPETS! This is the last full week of classes, which can be both good and bad. On one hand summer is right around the corner. On the other hand, finals are even closer than ever. If you’re anything like us, you really need to start studying. Let us help you prepare by showing you the five best sticikidy-study spots for finals…and the catch for each one.

commons1. 3rd & 4th Floors at Commons

Grab yourself a BBQ Melt and hit the books! Two relatively unused floors during the weekdays, upstairs at Commons has all the hook-ups. With comfy chairs, tables, outlets, and a top-notch view, floors 3 and 4 at Commons are every Nerdy Nellie’s dream… THE CATCH? Commons has a lot of random conferences and events upstairs which could get a little bit noisy.

2. Liberal Art Classroomslibbyarts

Little known fact: During finals week the classrooms in the Liberal Arts Building are left open until 2am. This option is especially appealing if you’re studying in groups because you can utilize the computer, the presenter, and the whiteboard. Also, this might be a good time to take advantage of that hide and seek option we talked about earlier in the year… THE CATCH? Now that we’ve spilled the beans everyone is gonna be flocking to Liberal Arts!

cookin3. Cook Library

This one might seem obvious, and it is. However, it’s the only study spot on campus open 24 hours during finals week. You need computers? They got em. Books? Yes ma’am. Plenty of seats? Well that’s THE CATCH. During finals week Cook can be an absolute madhouse. Finding a seat is like a big kid version of musical chairs. Step ya game up.

4. Booth at Pawspawss

If you think Paws is just for late night snackers and billiard-hustling hunks, you’re sadly mistaken. Their private booths make for a great study spot. You will love these booths which are “Built for Comfort” according to the Billy’s Baltimore Booth Hut guarantee. THE CATCH? If you’re there all night you may be tempted to waste all your meals on three orders of cheese fries.

house5. Home

This may only be an option for our in-state students, but if you can make it home the weekend of the 18th and 19th why not do it? A nice home-cooked meal, your own room, and unlimited study time? Sure sounds good to us. THE CATCH? You chose the weekend your mom wants to do spring cleaning. So clean the bathroom, wash the windows, dust the TV, and then it’s back to Astronomy 101.

-Ron & Mike

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